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   342 White Adhesive Tape
405 Tape, Adhesive, Paper
Afassco offers a variety of tapes both adhesive and self-adherent.
408 Hypo-Allergenic Tri-cut Paper Tape
Designed for people with sensitivity to latex and other adhesives. Comes offceasily without pulling on hair or skin. Three sizes on one roll make this the best value available for micro-pore paper tape.
1/2” x 2 1/2 yd., 2 rolls/box
1/2” x 5 yd.
   409 Elastotape
Strong elastic material and adhesive allow this tape to stretch and conform to any part of the body and stay in place as well.
1" x 5 yd. (Adhesive)
1/2", 5/8", 7/8" x 10 yd. (Adhesive)
      412 Cohesive GauzeTape
This tape is used more as a protective agent than a bandage. Molds around fingers, sticking only to itself. Resists cutting to guard hands while working with metal, glass, or other sharp edges It is also water resistant. 3/4" x 15 yd.
  Tear Tape (Cohesive Elastic Wrap)
Similar to an elastic bandage, this flexible and breathable tape can be used to cover a wound or as a support wrap for a knee, wrist or ankle. Tear Tape requires no scissors or pins and will not pull hair or skin when removed. Will not constrict when wet, as some other similar products do.
 432 2" x 5 yd.
432R for red 432B for blue
441 3" x 5 yd.
 441R for red 441B for blue

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