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   Non-Prescription Tablets
Afassco offers an extensive variety of over-the-counter tablets to relieve headaches, muscle pain, cold and allergy symptoms and stomach discomfort. These formulations are proven safe and effective to get employees feeling better fast and staying productive while on the job. All Afassco tablets are packaged in unit dose packets for convenience and sanitary handling. Most tablets are available in matchbooks of 10 or self-dispenser boxes of 50, 100, 250 or 1,000 tablets.
555 50 tablets/box 556 100 tablets/box 557 250 tablets/box
Papenol (Non-Aspirin/A.P.A.P.)
This non-aspirin, extra strength pain reliever is perfect for those who have sensitive stomachs. Our formula contains 500mg of acetaminophen, compared to only 325mg in other brands. Compare to Extra Strength Tylenol.
Pain-Free Plus
(Maximum Strength Pain Relief) This maximum strength tablet offers an extra dose of aspirin and acetaminophen for those really tough aches and pains.Compare to Excedrin Migraine.
546 50 tablets/box 547 100 tablets/box 548 250 tablets/box
(Extra-Strength Pain Relief)
This popular pain relief tablet combines the power of three pain relievers with caffeine to accelerate activation and get pain under control fast. Compare to Excedrin.
536 50 tablets/box 537 100 tablets/box 538 250 tablets/box
  575 50 tablets/box 529 100 tablets/box 530 250 tablets/box
532 50 tablets/box 533 100 tablets/box 534 250 tablets/box
Femadrine (Cramp Relief) Formulated for the relief of menstrual symptoms, Femadrine contains a pain reliever and a diuretic to reduce water retention. Compare to Midol.
Ibuprofen (Pain Relief & Fever Reducer) Non-aspirin analgesic provides relief from aches and pains. Also a great anti-inflammatory and fever reducer. Compare to Advil.
551 50 tablets/box 552 100 tablets/box 553 250 tablets/box
  Pink Bismuth Tablets
Chewable tablets alleviate stomach discomfort, nausea, indigestion and diarrhea. Compare to Pepto-Bismal.
580 30 tablets/box
Magnacal (Antacid)
Active ingredients make this pleasant tasting tablet faster acting and more effective than others.
Compare to Tums & Rolaids.
 510 50/box
511 100 tablets/box 512 250 tablets/box

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