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  Antiseptics & Ointments All Afassco antiseptics and ointments are packaged in unit dose packets for convenience and individual sanitary application.
Most wipes and ointments are availabe in different quantity box sizes to fit any need.
604 Hand Sanitizer, Unit Dose, 25 pkts/box
Cleans hands with no water needed.
Contains Aloe to prevent leaving hands
dry like other alcohol based cleansers. 608
 605 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Maximum Strength, Unit Dose, 25 pkts/box Prevents and treats infection to help minor wounds heal.
608 1% Hydrocortisone, Unit Dose, 25 pkts/box Maximum allowable strength relieves itching from rashes and other skin irritations.
622 First Aid/Burn Cream, Unit Dose, 25 pkts/box This cream fights infection in minor cuts, scrapes and burns with the added benefit of Lidocaine
to relieve pain.
604 622
2605 144 packets/box
2608 144 packets/box
2622 144 packets/box
 Triple Action Cut Cleaners
The unique formulation contains alcohol to clean away dirt and grease, benzalkonium chloride to fight infection and benzocaine
to kill pain. The spun cotton wipe is very soft, and its large size holds more solution than any other antiseptic wipe. Also available in a new smaller, economical size.
616 Cut Cleaners Antiseptic Wipes
40 wipes/box
618 Cut Cleaners Antiseptic Wipes
20 wipes/box
 Mediwipes Antimicrobial Wipes
These hospital-grade antimicrobial towelettes are perfect to stop the spread of infection and viruses. Wipe your hands, instruments or hard surfaces to kill 99.9% of all blood borne pathogens in 20 seconds or less. Contains Aloe to keep hands soft after use.
628 MediWipes Antimicrobial Wipes 20 Unit Dispenser Box
20 wipes/dispenser
628A MediWipes Antimicrobial Wipes
100 wipes/box
2628 MediWipes Antimicrobial Wipes
500 wipes/box
    625 Hydrogen Peroxide Pump Spray, 2 oz. 629 Alcohol Pump Spray, 2 oz.
610 2 oz. Burn Pump Spray

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