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   Eye Products
710 Oval Gauze Eye Pads
Afassco carries a wide variety of eye products. All solutions are sterile and packaged in handy self dispensing bottles, making them more convenient to use. Safe and effective.
 Keeps eyes immobilized and protected when taped on to prevent further damage or irritation, until medical treatment is available. 6 pads/pack
709 Plastic Eye Cups
Disposable plastic cups make it easy to tip solution directly back into the eyes. 6 cups/box
   Eye Wash
Sterile saline solution to flush dust, sand, dirt or other particles from the eyes.
708 1 oz. Eye Wash
711 4 oz. Eye Wash, Resealable
Neutral-Eyes, Eye and Skin Flushing Solution
Neutralizes acids and chemicals on contact, even before it starts flushing. Can be used on eyes or skin.
713 8 oz. Neutral-Eyes Wash, Resealable
714 16 oz. Neutral-Eyes Wash, Resealable
720 1/2 oz. Opti-Drops Eye Drops
Relieves dry, irritated eys and helps to remove redness.
 736 Refresh Plus, Unit Dose Dropper
Used to moisten and lubricate dry, scratchy eyes. Packaged in unit dose droppers to avoid cross contamination. 30 droppers/box

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