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   725 Bacteriostatic, 8 oz.,
Eye Wash Station Additive
727 Gravity Fed Eye Wash Station
This wall mounted station holds enough water to provide the required 15 minutes of constant flushing with no plumbing needed.
Lens Cleaning Towelettes
100 wipes/dispenser
Eye Products
 These wipes contain the perfect amount of solution to clean glasses and screens. Each contain just enough moisture to clean dirt and smudges without leaving excess residue or streaks. Anti-fog and anti-static.
4000 Lens Cleaning Towelette
25 wipes/box
4001 Lens Cleaning Towelette
  Chemical Burn Eye Wash Station
Small shelf containing 3 - 16 oz. bottles of Neutral Eyes. Can easily be mounted to any wall in areas containing acids or chemicals.
715 Chemical Burn Eye Wash Station with 3 - 16 oz. bottles
716 Empty Chemical Burn Eye Wash Station

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