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    Clamps small objects and locks in place to allow a hands-free grip.
858 Disposable Splinter-Out
817 Disposable Plastic Tweezers
Used to cut through clothing, including leather belts and boots in an emergency situation.
Meant to be discarded after single use.
Individually wrapped to guarantee sterility.
 820 Ring Cutter
Quickly and painlessly cuts through rings if hand or fingers become swollen.
 821 Emergency Scissors
    853 5 1/2” Kelly Forceps
These mini disposable Stainless Steel spears help to remove the top layer of skin covering a splinter. Sterile, individually wrapped. 10/box
  Photos do not reflect actual sizes.
Bright mini flashlight used to detect eye
dilation. Stores easily in emergency bags
or first aid kits. 18
5200 Diagnostic Pen Light

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