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  Emergency Response Products
908 Mouth-to-Mouth Barrier w/ Pouch
950 Emergency Oxygen System
 #917 barrier with latex gloves and a Medi-Wipe antimicrobial towelette in a zipper pouch that can be worn on a belt or attached to a key chain.
Fixed flow rate of 6 liters per minute allows this unit to be kept on hand without a medical prescription. Comes complete with hose and mask in a durable plastic carrying case.
This barrier is used for CPR. Fold out clear plastic barrier covers the area of the face around the mouth. A one-way valve protects the resuscitator from regurgitation and a Hepa-Filter blocks 99.9% of all airborne pathogens
  One-Way Valve Mask
Provides a seal over the mouth of a victim when performing CPR. Contains a hose attachment for administering oxygen.
959 Without hose
These bags contain items most needed in emergency response situations. Easy to grab and take to a victim anywhere. Three different sizes available.
33000 Trauma Bag, Orange, Small Fill
2314 Ammonia Inhalants
917 Mouth-to-Mouth Barrier
  Trauma Bag
33001 Trauma Bag, Orange, Empty 33002 Trauma Bag, Orange, Large Fill 33004 Trauma Bag, Fanny Pack
60 wipes/box

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