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Afassco carries a wide variety of first aid instruments. All instruments are finely crafted and durable.
 807 NexTemp Strips
 Disposable thermometers, 100/box
    809 4 1/2” Fine Point Splinter Tweezers
810 3 1/2” Splinter Forceps
The fine point on these tweezers, allows the user to grab and remove splinters of wood, glass, metal or other material from the skin. Stainless steel makes them easy to disinfect between uses.
Stainless Steel
 811 Splinter Forceps w/ Magnifier
The magnifying glass attached
to these tweezers lets you see the smallest of objects and remove them using only one hand.
  812 5 1/2” Bandage Scissors
Used to cut through tape, gauze, and other bandages. Durable Stainless Steel.
815 Kit Tweezers
814 Kit Scissors
Small and lightweight, perfect to keep in small first aid kits to cut a piece of tape or a gauze roll.
Flat edge tweezers provide a large surface area for removing big splinters.
A powerful magnet on one end of this instrument can remove metallic particles when held close to the eye. The other end contains a nylon loop that can be brushed across the eye to remove objects without causing harm. This instrument can help avoid potentially serious eye injuries.
Photos do not reflect actual sizes.
816 Eye Magnet w/ Loop & Case

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