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  Cough Drops
Available in cherry or assorted citrus with Vitamin C, these drops help to suppress a cough and relieve a scratchy throat. Compare to Halls.
    Cherry Cough Drops 582 50 tablets/box 583 125 tablets/box
Assorted Citrus Cough Drops 586 50 tablets/box
587 125 tablets/box
Vita Cold (Contains Echinacea
and Other Natural Ingredients)
Eight all-natural ingredients including Vitamin C and Echinacea, make this a great cold treatment as well as a preventative. Reduces a cold’s severity and duration.
(Antihistamine Cold Relief)
Multi-symptom cold tablet with an antihistamine to help treat runny nose, watery eyes and sinus pressure. Compare to Tylenol Cold.
581 50 capsules/box
517 50 tablets/box 518 100 tablets/box 519 250 tablets/box
Fedrin (Cold & Sinus Relief) Maximum strength allergy tablet reduces nasal congestion and has a non-aspirin pain reliever for aches and pains.
(Multi-Symptom Cold Relief)
 Compare to Tylenol Cold & Sinus.
Four active ingredients include non- aspirin pain reliever, decongestant, expectorant and cough suppressant. Powerful formulation attacks a cold from all angles.
521 50 tablets/box
522 100 tablets/box
523 250 tablets/box 12
561 50 tablets/box 562 100 tablets/box 563 250 tablets/box
Compare to Dristan Cold & Sinus.

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