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  Contents JAN-MAR 2022
Special Features
4 130th Natimuk Show
8 Bendigo Easter Fair turns 150
14 Don’t Call Us Carnies!
18 Essential Support for Travelling Showmen
20 Yesterday When We Were Young 24 Then and Now
Guild Reports and Matters
1 VSG President’s Page
3 Victorian Showmen’s Guild
11 Showmen’s Guild of Australasia
13 Showmen’s Guild of South Australia
17 Show Circuit Information
Regular Features
16 Royal Shows & Show Dates Information
22 Circus and Rodeo News 25 Into the Sunset
27 Magazine Advertising Rates
28 2022 Calendar and Classifieds Advertising Form
IFC HIB Insurance Brokers 12 Maymax Donuts
IBC AAC OBC Greig Novelties South
Guild in your State
Each Guild or Association is an independent body, so for business pertaining to your state, contact that Guild or Association.
The Victorian Showmen’s Guild
PO Box 36, Ascot Vale, VIC 3032
Office: Shop 1, 157 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington VIC 3031
Tel: (03) 9376 8544 Fax: (03) 9376 0505 Email: President: Elwin Leroy Bell Jnr Executive Officer: Justine Sinclair
Showmen’s Guild of Australasia
Office: 1 Turner Ave, Yatala QLD 4207 Tel: (07) 3807 0011 Fax: (07) 3807 0730 Email:
President: Aaron Pink
Secretary: Shelley Pink-Easey
West Australian Showmen’s Association (Inc.)
PO Box 2256, Mandurah DC WA 6210 Mobile: 0416 861 829
Email: President: Mitchell Ross
Secretary: Belle Bombardieri
Tasmanian Showmen’s Guild
64 High Street, Beaconsfield, TAS 7270 Mobile: 0482 783 559
Email: President: Deborah Welsh
Secretary: Jackie Porter
Showmen’s Guild of South Australia PO Box 276, Two Wells, SA 5501 Mobile: 0418 819 994
President: Daryl Girdler
Secretary: Phillips Hamilton
  This magazine is circulated throughout the Showmen’s Guilds/Association of Australia, to Showmen, State Royal Shows, Country Agricultural Shows Societies, Circus, Carnival and Amusement Park operators in Australia and Worldwide. The most effective way to contact these organisations is to advertise in this magazine.
Justine Sinclair
The Outdoor Showman
PO Box 36, Ascot Vale, VIC Australia 3032
Monday - Thursday, 9.00am - 4.00pm Tel: (03) 9376 8544 Fax: (03) 9376 0505 Email:
Shop 1, 157 Mt Alexander Road, Flemington VIC 3031
Faith Perrett
Norma & Bert Graphic Design Email: Tel: 0421 994 661
Natimuk Agricultural and Pastoral Society Photo Adam Demmert
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