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130th Natimuk Show and Combined 150th Back to Natimuk Celebrations 26th March 2022. The Back to Natimuk Celebration will run from Friday 25th, Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th
Natimuk 130th Show day is Saturday 26th March and includes the Back to Natimuk Street Parade as part of the 130th Show Day activities.
Photography Natimuk Show
Box Brownie to Digital
 The photography section has been part of the Natimuk Agriculture Show for nearly all of it’s 130 years.
The McCredden family has been involved with this section since Harold McCredden was asked to assist at
the age of 15 or 16 in 1945/46 by
the previous Chief Photography Steward, Charlie Weidner.
Harold had always had an interest in photography as did his father Allan, who was known to always carry his Box Brownie with him.
Harold took on the role of Chief Photography Steward, continuing until he was in his early 80’s when he felt he was getting to old and slow. He graciously handed the
reins over to his son James and daughters Leanne and Vicki who had for many years assisted Harold.
Leanne and Vicki started helping their father from the age of 12 until moving to Melbourne for further study and work. Only to recommence their involvement after about 10-year break. It was during this 10-year period
that James stepped in to assist his father before stepping up to become
Chief Steward in 2011.
It was also during this period that the Show was rescheduled to March from August, no longer falling during the school holidays. James, Leanne and Vicki have continued the family involvement with the Natimuk Show in many varied roles while James and Leanne continue Stewarding
the Photography
section today.
The medium has changed dramatically over the
years starting with many black & white photos through to slides in the 1960’s and 1970’s, these gradually disappeared to be replace by more modern versions like the digitised images now becoming the norm.
While there have been many wonderful sponsors and judges over the years the most prominent sponsor for many years was
Brian Murray Studios.
We have also been fortunate to have
Left: Vicki McCredden holding a Box Brownie camera and James McCredden right holding a digital of Harold McCredden on his mobile phone
many locally talented Photographers who have judged and encouraged the local amateur photographers.
We are looking forward to presenting the Natimuk Photography section in a new format and reconnecting with many.
Leanne McCredden
Feather Sheds and Cages Rogers
Reflection Natimuk 130th Show
The name Rogers has been synonymous with poultry at the Natimuk Show for decades.
Cyril ‘Bid’ Rogers served as a committee member and was an exhibitor and head steward for the poultry section for most of his life.
He showed large birds including white Leghorns, Sussex, Indian game and
Plymouth Rocks and together with his brother in law Ian McCully, successfully showed bantams throughout Victoria and interstate, including success at Royal Shows. Cyril also judged poultry and sheep at Shows all around Victoria.
Cyril introduced his nephews Keith and Doug Rogers to poultry. They followed in his footsteps, not only
becoming regular poultry exhibitors at Natimuk but also stewarding on show day. They both went on to be judges with Doug judging around Australia including at the Adelaide Royal.
When Cyril’s son Robert was about 10 he began helping to organize the pens ready for Show day and shortly after he also became a

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