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  The Victorian Showmen’s Guild
  Office Closures - Easter
Labour Day
Monday 14th March 2022
Easter Friday
Friday 15th April to Tuesday 19th April 2022
Anzac Day
Monday 25th April 2022
Forthcoming Meetings
Executive Committee
Thursday 30th June 2022
- Pending VAS Ltd Convention dates
Tuesday 27th September 2022 Thursday 3rd November 2022 General Meeting of Members Thursday 6th October 2022 Annual General Meeting Tuesday 29th November 2022
Office Hours
Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Should the office be unattended, please leave a recorded message.
Advertising and Copy Deadlines
Annual Guild Member’s Fees
All Guild Members are required to renew their Guild Membership fee of $330 including GST no later than 31 January 2022. Late fees are payable after this date.
In accordance with the Rules of the Guild if any membership fees and/or late fees remain outstanding your Guild Membership will be automatically cancelled.
Please contact Justine at the VSG office immediately if you have a concern over payment.
The Outdoor Showman Subscribers
Subscription fees for The Outdoor Showman Magazine for 2022 are due for payment by 31 January 2022.
Subscription fees are $99.00 (inc GST) for Australian subscribers and $A135.00 for Overseas subscribers.
Subscribers receive four issues per annum circulated in the months of March, June, September, and December.
To avoid any delays in receiving future editions of the magazine, please ensure payment is made prior to 31 January 2022.
Renewal Notice
A renewal notice was enclosed in the October - December 2021 issue of the Outdoor Showman magazine.
Change of Address
It is important that both Guild Members and subscribers to The Outdoor Showman magazine notify the VSG Office as soon as possible of a change of address.
Important - Payments to the VSG & TOS
All payments made by cheque or money order for Annual Guild Fees, Subscriptions or Outdoor Showman magazine matters, must be made to:
The Victorian Showmen’s Guild
Cheques and Money Orders must be made to the Victorian Showmen’s Guild only.
Cheque made to VSG, TOS or The Outdoor Showman will NOT be accepted. Your co-operation to the ANZ Bank requirement is appreciated.
Payment Options
Guild Member fees, subscriptions, and advertising fees to the Outdoor Showman can be paid by:
Cheque or money order made out to the Victorian Showmen’s Guild and sent to PO Box 36 ASCOT VALE VIC 3032
Please contact the office should you wish to make payment in person between Monday – Thursday 9.00am – 4.00pm
Or by phone, via credit card by contacting the VSG office on 03 9376 8544.
   April - June
July - September
October - December
January - March
7 May 2022
1 August 2022 29 October 2022 5 February 2023
Articles and letters are most welcome and can be addressed to the Editor for consideration of publication and on the provision that space is available. Letters to the Editor are to be concise and contain no more that 300 words.

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