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  steward. In the mid 1970’s with Cyril’s health declining Robert drove him
to Natimuk for a show meeting. It was at that meeting that Robert was nominated to join the committee. Robert has subsequently served on the committee since then, holding the position of President since 2001.
Robert took on the role as head poultry steward following Cyril’s sudden death after collapsing at the 1985 show.
Cyril loved his poultry and gave much advice and encouragement to young enthusiasts.
His granddaughter, Connie Toet was one of those youngsters. She loved to follow her Granddad around as he tended
to his birds. Connie, with the help of
her mother, Kerry, continued to show bantams from the original Rogers and McCully bloodline with much success for several years after his death.
One of the biggest challenges organizing the poultry was the lack of cages. For many years Natimuk borrowed cages from the Edenhope P&A Society. In
the very early 1990’s the poultry was moved from its outside venue, along the west fence of the showground
to an existing shed. That shed was demolished in 2012 to make way for the new tennis courts so a new shed was built specifically for the poultry and new cages were purchased. The shed was constructed to specifications drawn up by Doug Rogers.
The show moving from August to March has been a major change; seeing a
drop in entries due to poultry moulting their feathers at that time of the year.
Cyril and Robert were both awarded life membership of the Natimuk A&P Society in 1980 and 2013 respectively.
Wilma Kotz
Clockwise from top: New Sheep and Poultry Pavilion, Doug Rogers past Chief Poultry Steward, President Robert Rogers and Chief Poultry Steward current, Connie Toet, Cyril Rogers Granddaughter holding her prize Bantam, Cyril Rogers Sitting with Champion bantam.

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