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Colourful poster for Circus Joseph Ashton’s ‘Infamous’ cabaret-Circus, which has done excellent business since its Perth launch 18 months ago.
Circus Livery. Shane, Canadian-born wife Nancy, and their three offspring: Hudson, 7, Denver, 6, and Giselle,3, run a big show, currently performing at several sites around the Nation’s Capital and Queanbeyan. Domestic animals only: llamas, camels, water buffalo, Liberty ponies, and a big skill and aerial contingent.
Silvers Circus has a new format for 2019: it’s called Jurassic Unearthed by Silvers Circus. Anton and Anna Gasser,
now in their 43rd year running Silvers, unveiled it on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula over January, and on to Geelong, Waurn Ponds, April 5-May 5.
The front tent (of two) features a walk-through dynasaur exhibition, leading to the second yellow-and-white Big Top.
Inside there’s a glamour 90-minute program that features son Dominic and South American Merwin Garcia on double wheel, four bikes in the Globe of Death, ‘Australia’s Got Talent’ show-stoppers The Jratlou Family’s high-speed 12-dog act, Mohamad and his two daughters’ hand-balancing, bounce juggler Lidiya Dawes Ebrahim, Gypsy Gomez’s fast-firing hula-hoop number atop a huge mirror-ball,
Ariel Barrellas juggling, giraffe unicyclist Yonas and Ethiopian Yenta Brothers’ Risley act, all linked by long- time illusionist-Ringmaster Simon Tait, with a lineup of dancer-assistants.
The public are buying it in large lumps. THE OUTDOOR SHOWMAN 27
Poster for Great Australian Circus, the Hall Phillips circus and carnival in Queensland, Circa 1993.
Perry Maynard as ‘Oscar’, on giraffe unicycle, Brophy Bros’ Circus, Royal Toowoomba Show in March. Act includes breakaway bike, which
he rides perpendicularly, Chantel
Rodriguez at Toowoomba on silks and Maureen Martin at Brophy Bros’ Circus with Merlin the Pony.
This exciting presentation is how Shane Lennon (Hudson’s Circus) hit the road to Tamworth-Gunnedah-Canberra, Tumut and Goulburn, pulled by the show’s new Western Star prime mover. Very noticeable!
Shane Lennon jumps for joy in front of his new Western Star in the Hudson’s

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