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13/10/1951 – 31/3/2019
My husband, my soul mate, the father of my children took his last breath in this earth this morning, we will be together again in another life.
On the 31st March Warren Anthony Hall (Wassa) passed away.
He will be remembered dearly by his wife Egita and children Katherina, Anthony and Ramona
From Egita
It is not often you make lifelong friends but when you do, you hold onto them because a true friendship is a precious and rare thing.
I have been very proud to call Warren Hall a true friend who I have known for over 12 years. Our common interest in old machinery, trains and steam engines was something that we enjoyed spent many hours working on together.
Warren has been fighting cancer for many years and despite his challenges, he always had time for a special coffee with his friends and he always spoke
to me of his love for his wife, kids and grandkids.
He always spoke proudly of how good his kids were doing and had achieved.
No matter what time of the day or night we turned up for a visit, we were always welcomed by Warren and Egita, and the family.
Wassa helped and influenced so many lives and he certainly influenced and helped me and my family.
Sadly my friend Warren lost his battle earlier this morning.
From my wife Robyn Pidgeon and I, our deepest and most heartfelt condolences go out toEgita Hall, Tony Hall, Kathy Seidler and Mona Ahmed and the extended family for your loss. We too are heartbroken.
Thank you Wassa for your kindness, help, advice, knowledge and friendship. RIP Mate.
From Phil Pidgeon
Sadly Warren Hall has just passed away yesterday.
All he ever wanted was to die a showman and I am glad his last wish was granted.
Warren came around and saw me a
few weeks back when he was let out of hospital with a huge smile and gave me a hug and kept thanking me for it.
I did not do much I only shared what he wished for to a lot of Showmen Guild members and got the snow ball rolling. Luckily it rolled and it got bigger and bigger.
Now because of that wish being granted Warren has passed away a happy man and for that I personally want to thank all Showmen that managed to make this happen.
I do not know about the funeral details as yet and sadly I may not be able
to make it as I am about to leave the country for my next circus contract.
I just hope he gets the send off this man deserves.
Warren was not born a showman but his beautiful wife Egita Hall is from a European showman's background for many generations.
R.I.P Warren Hall,
"Born a mug died a Showman"
From Gary Brophy
Pat Ridgway, doyenne of New Zealand Circus proprietors, has died, aged 93.
With her late husband, Charlie (Senior), former dancer Pat founded Ridgway’s Circus in the late 1940s, variously in partnership with
Merton and Mrs Hughes and Bobby and Lola West, touring for more than 60 years with elephants, lions, and
a full range of performing animals -probably the longest-running
Kiwi circus.
She is survived by two sons; Charlie Jr lives in retirement near Oakey, QLD.
Both Charlie Jr and Cary Ridgway later ran their own circuses. Pat, Phyllis Hughes and Lola West were sisters, and all helped run shows in Australia and New Zealand.
Pat died March 8th; the funeral- cremation was in Levin, North Osland, March 12th.

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