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premium                                                                   write

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gadgets                                                                   desk

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drinkware                                                                 homemade

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ideas lab                                                                 green

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stress                                                                    promo

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bags                                                                      lifestyle

Find exactly what you need with ease

Look out for these handy icons, to help you find                          MADE IN BRITAIN
exactly what you’re looking for:                                          We have a massive range of products designed,
                                                                          manufactured and branded in Great Britain, offering
              NEW                                                         high quality and great lead times.
              Looking for something different? Check out our brand        BESTSELLER
              new products for 2018!                                      A proven winner when it comes to promotions, thanks
              DIGITAL PRINT                                               to style, quality and value.
              Don’t compromise on your brand and design. We can
              add full colour digital print to a wide range of products,  MORE COLOURS
              just look out for this icon.                                Some of our products are so popular that we’ve
              ECO-FRIENDLY                                                added more colour options for 2018, offering you even
              We have a range of products either made from                more choice!
              recyclable content or designed to be recycled, perfect      CUSTOM
              for an environmentally-conscious campaign.                  Looking for a unique promotional item? Just look
                                                                          out for this icon for our selection of custom-
                           AIR & SEA FREIGHT                              made products.
                           We have a selection of products made to        WHILE STOCKS LAST
                           your specific requirements, available on sea   You can benefit from a new lower price on a selection
                           or air freight.                                of products with this icon but only whilst stocks last!

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