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Your brand is in safe hands

We know that product safety will be a priority                           Ethical sourcing
for you when ordering promotional products,                              We conduct regular audits on all our product suppliers
so we’ve taken all the necessary steps to                                across the globe, to ensure that all our products are sourced
ensure this for you.                                                     responsibly and ethically. We want to ensure that the products
                                                                         you buy will represent your brand in the very best light.
Responsible manufacturing                                                Several of our writing instruments are BS7272 or EN71
A large amount of our drinkware range is made in the UK,                 approved, for complete peace of mind in your promotion.
alongside a selection of desk items and low-cost giveaways,
such as keyrings and magnets.                                            Technology products carry their own set of safety standards.
                                                                         Once again, we work hard to bring you the very best products,
                UK-manufacturing offers a lower carbon footprint         in terms of quality, innovation and safety. Within our Gadgets
                for your promotion, boosting the CSR of your             section, you will find a full checklist of certifications.
                campaign. Additionally, our UK-manufacturing
                facility operates a ‘zero-to-landfill’ policy, ensuring  All the information you need
                that the majority of production waste is recycled.       Every product in this catalogue will have its own Safety Data
All our UK-made drinkware has undergone strict compliance                Sheet, covering the materials used and standards achieved.
testing, in areas such as ‘safe for food contact’, ‘Phthalates-          Should you require any further information, please contact our
free’ and ‘lead/cadmium free’. We only want to present the very          sales team.
best drinkware in terms of both quality and safety.

We have everything you need...

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