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 The heir of the legendary notebook

          In today’s crowded world, it’s not necessarily the product or
          service which helps a company to stand out, but it’s the story.
          The strength of the Moleskine brand lies in the continued
          connection to art, culture, and the global creative community.
          Moleskine is a cultural icon founded on inclusivity, creativity
          and self-expression. A partnership with Moleskine leads to a
          gift which is not just a beautiful object, but the beginning of
          a story.
          The notebooks are books to be written, bags are containers
          to be filled and writing instruments are the fuel to
          communication. Moleskine products are simple, thoughtfully
          designed, functional objects that can be turned into powerful
          communicators for your brand.
          Let’s start telling your story together.

            PRICING: Prices shown are the unit price for the quantity stated. Further discounts on larger quantities are available on request.
6 MARKING: Unless otherwise stated, prices quoted include marking in one position in one colour, for the first branding method listed.
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