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          Volume 16 • Issue 6 • $5.00                 December 2019

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          Public Relations                                                                                              Palliative Care
                                                  DSignage Wins Siemens Award

                   Drew Landmeier                                                                                                   Rudy Molinet
                                                       Erika Montoya from Siemens Corporation presenting the award
          Four Predictions                                    to Karina Diaz and Jose R. Diaz from DSignage               FAU Launches
                                                                       BY LOIS THOMSON
            for Healthcare                                                                                                   Innovative
                                               For its work with Siemens, DSignage received the company's "Small Business Award
               Marketing                     Supplier of the Year." Siemens is a global corporation that is one of the world's largest   Executive MHA
                                             producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies; and DSignage is a digital
                  in 2020                    signage agency that provides solutions to help clients improve their internal communi-  Leadership
                                             cations with employees and visitors, by using digital screens to engage and educate the
                                               Siemens had previously conducted research and attempted to utilize several larger   Bootcamp
               BY DREW LANDMEIER             suppliers, but that proved to be ineffective. Following those efforts, Siemens chose
                                             DSignage, a boutique firm, because it was the one that understood the requirements and
          Annual planning in healthcare mar-  that was most responsive to its needs.                                    Florida Atlantic University (FAU)
        keting is challenging, given the uncer-                                                  Continued on page 25  Executive Education has launched a
        tainty of the industry, rapidly changing                                                                       new Leadership Bootcamp program to
        marketing technologies and evolving                                                                            help their Executive Master of Health
        consumer expectations. It is essential to                                                                      Administration (EMHA) students learn
        stay ahead of the trends to be successful.   Centric Consulting Pilot Project                                  critical leadership skills that will help
        Here are some predictions for what we                                                                          them succeed in their careers. Although
        can anticipate in the year ahead:          Using Virtual Reality to Benefit                                    no sit-ups, push-ups or running laps are
          Untraditional Healthcare Choices:                                                                            required, the Bootcamp provides an
        Over the past few years, the healthcare   Hospice, Assisted Living Patients                                    opportunity for mental calisthenics to
        industry has seen mergers and acquisi-                                                                         improve leadership skills and to develop
        tions by corporations trying to stay com-                                                                      successful leaders for today’s healthcare
        petitive and expand into new markets.    BY VANESSA ORR                                                        challenges.
        Tech giants such as Amazon, Facebook                                                                            Many MHA programs teach manage-
        and Google also launched pilot pro-    Dealing with an end-of-                                                 ment courses, or theoretical leadership
        grams and new initiatives that promise   life illness is never easy,                                           theories, but few focus on practical solu-
        more affordable and accessible health-  either for the person receiv-                                          tions to everyday leadership challenges.
        care solutions in 2019. As marketing   ing palliative care or for his                                          The Bootcamp is designed to bring real-
        professionals, we need to be increasingly   or her family members. But                                         world experiences into the classroom
        strategic with our messaging and com-  a new virtual reality proj-                                             and to bring the classroom out to the
        munications. Our marketing must suffi-  ect, led by Centric Con -                                              community. By inviting a cadre of indus-
        ciently address the complexity of con-  sulting, is helping ease                                               try leaders from multiple disciplines and
        sumer choices.                       patients’ anxiety through                                                 practice environments, the students are
          Influencing Healthcare: The effective-  distractive technology—                                              exposed to current information, trends,
        ness of social media influencers in the   and it might even be able                                            and expertise from professionals who
        consumer industry will give rise to the   to reduce the need for opi-  Dr. Marcie Stoshak-Chavez  Lisa Izzo    are leading the way in their respective
        adoption of influencer marketing in   oids or other pain medica-                                               healthcare settings.
        healthcare as well. Expect a significant   tions.                                                               The course work is rigorous and com-
        increase in the use of influencers who   The pilot project, which has been underway at Vista Springs Quail Highlands assisted   prehensive, but includes a large empha-
        identify as patients, sharing their stories,   living facility in Ohio for the past few months, uses VR headsets to provide residents with   sis on networking and class participa-
        recommending services or raising aware-                                                                        tion. Students are required to join the
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