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Total number and volume of signi cant spills G4-EN24
 e Company currently has a good management, treatment, control and monitoring system for social and environmental indicators in order to avoid and/or mitigate potential risks and impacts to neighboring com- munities.  is includes an emergency plan that covers di erent possible scenarios that could impact local communities, such as  res, chemical leaks and medical emergencies, as well as emergency contact numbers and communication procedures, emergency equipment and execution of an emergency response procedure. Moreover, the Company makes repeated investments in safety in ammonia storage areas and refrigeration systems, such as leak detectors (inside of operational areas and the machine room), secondary containment, ventilation systems, appropriate alert signals and emergency response equipment.
Weight of transported, imported, exported, or treated waste deemed hazardous under the terms of the Basel Convention Annex I, II, III, and VIII, and percentage of trans- ported waste shipped internationally G4-EN25
 e Company does not transport hazardous waste, but merely requests companies specialized in treatment and  nal disposal collect of class I waste (19,313.46 kg), which is disposed of in suitable land lls, according to law.
Monetary value of signi cant  nes and total number of non-monetary sanctions for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations G4-EN29
During the period covered, the Company had two actions resulting in signi cant  nes. Based on reports from outside legal consultants, the Company had not set up a  nancial provision related to the environmen- tal processes in which it is involved by the base date of December 31, 2016.
Total environmental protection expenditures and investments by type G4-EN31
Distribution of environmental investments (R$)
Broken down by type
Costs of waste disposal, treatment of emissions and remediation
Waste treatment and disposal
Expenditures on equipment, maintenance and operational services and materials, in addition to personnel expenses for this purpose
22,384,967.81 13,391,387.76*
Total 15,116,385.56
Prevention and environmental management Environmental education and training
External environmental management services Investments in water and ef uent treatment stations
Total 7,268,582.25
Total environmental investment (R$)
2016 2015
* New criteria were added in the calculation of environmental investments.

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