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2016 Sustainability Report
Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using human rights criteria G4-HR10
During the year, 2,493 new suppliers were selected and 100% of these were assessed based on environmen- tal, land ownership and labor criteria, with consideration of possible impacts on society and human rights.
Number of grievances about human rights impacts  led, addressed, and resolved through formal grievance mechanisms G4-HR12
In 2016, 19 grievances were  led by employees related to human rights impacts.
Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using criteria for impacts on society G4-SO9 All 2,493 new suppliers were selected based on criteria related to possible impacts on society.
Total number of incidents of non-compliance with regulations and voluntary codes con- cerning the health and safety impacts of products and services during their life cycle, by type of outcomes G4-PR2
Type of non-compliance
Non-compliance with regulations that resulted in application of a  ne or penalty
Non-compliance with regulations that resulted in a warning
Cases related to impacts on health and safety generated by products and services
Araguaína and Barretos
Records of Non-Compliance (RNCs) given by the Federal Inspection Service (SIF)
José Bonifácio Araguaína Palmeiras de Goiás Rolim de Moura Várzea Grande
Non-compliance with voluntary codes -
Type of product and service information required by the organization’s procedures for product and service information and labeling, and percentage of signi cant products and service categories subject to such information requirements G4-PR3
Outsourcing of product or service components
Content, particularly substances that may create environmental or social impacts Safe use of the product or service
Disposal of the product and environmental/social impacts

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