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                       New Leadership Takes Helm at Former North Carolina Slave Plantation

                                               Social justice retreat and conference center, Franklinton Center at Bricks, installs
                                                           Rev. Dr. Douglas Wooten as new executive director
                 May 4, 2024---- (Whitakers, North                                                                                             justice, and environmental stewardship.
           Carolina) – The Franklinton Center at Bricks,                                                                                       The Center currently serves as a social
           a beacon of liberation, proudly announces the                                                                                       justice conference and retreat center for
           appointment of Rev. Dr. Douglas Wooten as its                                                                                       thousands of visitors annually in the
           new executive director. The Center held an in-                                                                                      overnight guest quarters and banquet
           vestiture ceremony on May 4 to officially begin                                                                                     halls. In addition, the 250 acres of land
           the dawn of a new, transformative chapter for                                                                                       provides freshly grown produce for the
           the Center under Rev. Dr. Wooten’s leadership.                                                                                      local community.
           The ceremony was hosted by PBS North Caro-
           lina Weekend Host Deborah Holt Noel. More                                                                                                Rev. Dr. Wooten joins the Center
           than one hundred guests were in attendance in-                                                                                      from the Rocky Mountain Conference
           cluding keynote speaker Honorable Judge                                                                                             of the United Church of Christ (UCC)
           Michael R. Morgan, former North Carolina su-                                                                                        in Denver Colorado. His pastoral lead-
           perior court judge.                                                                                                                 ership roles in Colorado, Indiana, Ha-
                Nestled on hallowed grounds of a former                                                                                        waii, and North Carolina are comple-
           slave plantation, the Franklinton Center at Bricks                                                                                  mented by a lifetime of advocacy work
           stands as a monument to the African American                                                                                        in public safety and sustainable farming,
           experience. Its educational empowerment for                                                                                         which position him as an ideal visionary
           Black students traces back to 1871. Over the                                                                                        to further the Center’s mission of jus-
           last  153  years,  the  land  has  housed  the                                                                                      tice, equality, inclusivity, and healing.
           Franklinton Christian College, the Joseph                                                                                           Rev. Dr. Wooten holds a doctorate in
           Keasbey Brick Agricultural, Industrial, and Nor-                                                                                    ministry from the Chicago Theological
           mal School, and the Brick Junior College, which                                                                                     Seminary with undergraduate and
           were amongst the first accredited schools       Exterior of Franklinton Center at Bricks land, an old planta-                       graduate degrees from Shaw University
           opened for African Americans in the south fol-  tion  house  still  on  the  property,  Rev.  Dr.  Douglas  Wooten  being           in Raleigh, North Carolina.
           lowing the end of the Civil War.           sworn in and speaking at the podium; PBS Deborah Holt (braids

                                                      and pink suit); various board members and family; investiture cer-                            To  learn  more  about  the
                The Center continues to honor its legacy                                                                                       Franklinton Center at Bricks, please visit
           by championing initiatives that foster commu-  emony pics                                                                 
           nity development, historic preservation, social

                 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH                                       Power & Praise Ministries                                 Fayetteville  Cumberland  County

             302 Moore Street* Fayetteville, NC 28301                                                                                      Ministerial Council, Inc.
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