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         Standards…..My Daddy...

                                                                                                                                                              The  Fayetteville  Press
                                                                                                               Losing my Dad has been a very challenging            Newspaper
                                                                                                          experience. However, in one of my last conversa-    “Your  Community  Newspaper”
                                                                                                          tions with him when it had been decided at 93 yrs
                                                                                                          of life medicine was no longer an option and GOD’s       P.O. Box 9166
                                                                                                          will should be done, my Dad said, “don’t worry about  Fayetteville * NC 28311
                                                                                                          me son I’m going to be alright.” He’d already told
                                                                                                          me, “I’m depending on you to take care of this fam-  (910) 323-3120 - Office
                                                                                                          ily“ and he knew more than any accolade, not guilty
                                                                                                          verdict, jury award or settlement check, and many           E-mail:
                                                                                                          exceeded  7  figures,  that  there  was  nothing  I  de-
                                                                                                          sired more than his approval. My Daddy gave me
                                                                                                          that approval and while I can cry on a dime daily    *Publisher - JJ Jones
                                                                                                          when I think of him, I believe we made peace for
                                                                                                          all that I didn’t understand and embraced love as I    *General Manager
                   Bishop Zack Rogers Jr.                           By Atty Allen W. Rogers               appreciated where he has come from. My Daddy           Chrystal M. Thomas
                                                                       (910) 433-0833                     unlike many parents today did not tolerate foolish-
           I dedicate this article to my Dad the late Bishop                                              ness nor did he tolerate your failure to do that which  *Sales Manager
      Zack Rogers Jr. My Daddy embarked upon his heav-    from birth. When at birth they were told because of  he taught you was right. With an 11th grade educa-  Dwight Brown
      enly journey January 1, 2024, in Richmond County, ironi-  my asthmas and the umbilical cord around my neck  tion, I had more respect for him than any elected
      cally the place of his birth. It was by far the most dev-  I had very little chance of survival, he was there.  official, judge, or celebrity. He was indeed my hero.  *Editor - Jae McKrae
      astating experience of my life.                          Unfortunately, today we live in a society where  I’ve never received much recognition for many rea-
           My Daddy trusted GOD for everything. He taught  parents not only do not discipline their children but  sons but the only recognition I ever needed was my
      about a GOD that brought him from the cotton fields  often condone their poor decisions and bad behav-  Daddy to say that’s my son and I’m proud of him.  *Special Corespondent
      wherein intimidating white farmers called him anything  ior. With his passing it only seems right to share  His passing excused me of trying to correct all of  Queen Degraphenrei
      except his given name. He spoke of a GOD that saved  some of his wisdom that has impacted not only me,  my past transgressions in relationships. While I re-
      him from persecution after being chased out of Missis-  but the communities he served as a Pastor.  gret any harm I’ve ever caused anyone my tendency         Staff Writer
      sippi one night with his brother after trying to attend a  Daddy taught us….If you do what you’re sup-  to look back and say what if I’d done differently is  Shelia Mclaughlin
      movie theater and  realizing that two young run away  posed to do….if you say what you’re supposed to  gone.  In reality that person no longer exists. I’d
      white  boys  were  hiding  under  the  carp  cover  on  his  say….If you keep your mouth shut around author-  like to appeal to my brothers as Fathers Day ap-  *Photgrapher
      truck. Of course, if it was discovered he would be hung  ity when you’re supposed to….if you respect au-  proaches, to express your love for your sons and  Bruce Carpenter
      or brutally murdered. Thus, he had to resort to driving  thority like you’re supposed to….if you only associ-  your fathers. As men me we are taught to be tough.  *Account Executives
      expeditiously back to North Carolina to a police chief  ate with those that you’re supposed to….if you make  I use to think of my Dad as a very strict disciplinar-  Dr. Don Reid
      whom he knew could offer safety and a resolution.   a clear decision to disassociate from others when  ian who was unemotional. However, as I look back
           My daddy taught me integrity and established the  you’re supposed to….if you go home when you’re  he had 6 children at 30 years old. I suspect there     *Distribution
      expectation of doing what you should do at a standard  supposed to….if you leave when you’re supposed  was very little to laugh about certainly in those times
      that if maintained, your character would always be re-  to….if you go where you’re supposed to….if you  and conditions. So please let the men in your life    Michael Dykes
      vered.                                              worship and trust GOD like you are supposed to….if  know you love them. Don’t be afraid to drop the     Nero B. Coleman
           My entire life he proved if I ever called on him, he  you put your faith in Him like you’re supposed to….if  mask of manhood and share your fears and your
      would answer and reassure me everything was going   you live a GOD fearing life like you’re supposed  hopes for them. Dad would often say “we have done  * Graphic Designed By
      to be all right. No matter the obstacle, I trusted and  to….if you honor your Elders like you’re supposed  so much with so little for so long that we can do  Roslyn Graphic
      valued his wisdom. Whether I felt like I’d been aban-  to….and if you ask what would Jesus do when you’re  almost anything with nothing.” I took my Dad to the
      doned,  betrayed,  unworthy,  unable,  inadequate,  supposed to….and follow that when whatever plight  World  Series  a  few  years  ago. As  a  child  I  was  *Staff  Chaplain
      undisciplined…whether it was discord in my marriage,  or  situation  that  you  are  confronted  with  comes  always eager to just touch him but given his chal-       Bishop
      my career, my health or livelihood, my Dad was right  along….. you will be ok. It is promised that GOD  lenges then it was awkward and fear kept me away.   Larry O. Wright, Jr.
      there ready to provide the support and reassurance I  will always be by your side despite your failures  While nearly impossible as a kid he embraced it a
      desperately  needed.  No  matter  how  close  to  death  I  and if you trust and seek first His kingdom you will  lot more as he grew older. He became always will-                    E-Mail:
      have come, he always spoke life into me. When friends  never fail.                                  ing to hug and say I love you even if he had to put
      abandoned me, and obstacles were in my life he was       My Dad cautioned me to be careful with what  my head back on for me to hear it…..but then of          Web-Site
      there. When my challenge was the bar exam he was    you allow to go into your ear hole because it will  course he was always right for doing so because he
      there. When alcohol and drugs consumed my life, he  affect you. While that which many regarded as en-  was My Daddy…??                        
      was there. When my marriage was falling apart, he was  tertainment, he saw as the work of a spirit that was                                                       For
      there. When the NC Bar was threatening to take my   not Godly or in your best interest. He’d often ask
      law license and livelihood he was there. When I suf-  me  “what’s  the  rush…because  if  you  don’t  have                                                   Subscriptions
      fered from prostate cancer at age 39 yrs old with slim  time to do it right the first time you definitely don’t                                                   Call
      chances of survival he was there as he had always been  have time to do it over.”                                                                          (910) 323-3120

                                                                 The Important Role of a Father By Dr. Shanessa Fenner

                                                                    Fathers play a very important role in the lives of their children and family. There continues to be a con-
                                                          cern with the diminishing role of the father in the lives of their children. Young boys look up to and emulate their
                                                          fathers. They watch everything their fathers do and say because they learn by modeling behaviors. There are
                                                          things that fathers teach their sons that only a man can teach them and sons want
                                                               their dad’s approval. Young males watch how their father treats their mother and they learn about their iden-
                                                          tity and role as a young male.
                                                                    Young girls love their fathers and want their acceptance.  That is why it is crucial that fathers tell their
                                                               daughters they are beautiful, smart, and important so they won’t spend their lives seeking validation in the
                                                          men they date. Fathers teach their daughters about their value and self-worth so they will already know that when
                                                          they seek love. Girls watch how their father treats their mother and every little thing they do or say.
                                                                    The man is head of household and it is his responsibility to ensure his family is taken care of.
                                                               Quality time, love, and providing are the best things a father can give his children. Sometimes the hustle and
                                                          bustle of life pulls you away from those little things that should be done, but it is imperative to spend time with
                                                          your children because they grow up so fast. Don’t let time get away from you.
                                                                  There is nothing more beautiful than a man handling his responsibilities.  We know that any man can make
            Dr. Shanessa Fenner, Principal                a child, but a real man takes care of his children no matter what the relationship is with the mother. Always be
                                                          there for your children. Research indicates that fathers are as important as mothers in their roles of caregiver,
                                                          protector, financial supporter, and a model for social and emotional behavior.  You set the example and your
                                                          children are watching.
                                                                    Many children do not have their fathers in their lives but they have the benefit of having an
                                                               adoptive father, uncle, grandfather, male cousin, stepdad, or other male figure in their lives.
                                                               We are living in tragic times that are especially important for fathers to teach their sons about the plight
                                                               of the young black male, what to do and say when stopped by the police, and to not live up to the
                                                               stereotypes that society has about them. Teach your sons the tools to understand and navigate racism
                                                               because you have experienced it firsthand.
                                                                    You are important in the lives of your family and especially your children. Your presence makes a differ-
                                                          ence. Your dedication does not go unnoticed.  Happy Father’s Day.
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