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trends in our area. We visited other towns, spoke with vendors and organizations involved with recycling. The recycling mar- ket in the New England area is changing and now we are seeing revenue for recycled items that are baled. For example, many of our New England paper mills are retooling to turn cardboard into paper towels, cereal boxes and card stock and this has created jobs and revenue opportunities. Finally, the residents of Bristol showed support for adding re- cycling to our transfer station by voting to pass the warrant article at our town meeting this March.
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 When can residents start recycling cardboard?
We don't know exactly when this will happen because the transfer station still has to con- struct a building around the baler and then get it up and running. We are hoping late summer - so stay tuned. And start collecting your cardboard!
What should people know before bringing cardboard to the transfer station?
We will be collecting COR- RUGATED CARDBOARD: this means the boxes you get things shipped to you in - am- azon/chewy/etc. It has to be clean, dry and broken down, sta- ples removed. NO cereal boxes, beer cartons, waxed cardboard. We will have photos and infor- mation at the transfer station to help residents sort this all out. Watch for more information!
What does this mean for Bristol? (Cost/savings, future projections, next steps etc.)
When we start collecting and baling cardboard it can be sold on the recycling market. This will
Cardboard Baler Arrives in Bristol
reduce the amount of waste we put into the compactors and will save us money by sending less to the incinerator. We get paid for the cardboard - currently about $80/ton so that earns the town revenue. We expect to collect about 55 tons of cardboard each year which will be a savings to the town of around $12,200 each year.
Once the cardboard recycling is up and running, we hope to add other recycling. The baler we purchased can also bale mixed paper, plastic milk jugs, other plastic containers, and alu- minum cans. This is all potential cost savings to the town. Space at the transfer station, staffing, and the value of recycled items will all help determine when we can add more items to our recycling program.
Can you tell me a little bit about the process that got us here? What did it take to bring
cardboard recycling back? There has been a continued interest in recycling in Bristol ever since we had to stop in 2018 because of cost increases. But there were severals factors that
helped contribute to bringing re- cycling back:
A town sustainability com- mittee was formed by the select board which has for the past year been researching recycling
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