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“Going green with Native Green”
            There can be no doubt that “going green” is absolutely one of the most significant
            movements underway across North America and around the world – vitally critical to

            the long-term health of our environment and its inhabitants.  While consumers are fast
            joining the “go green” movement, it is especially important that government, business
            and institutions implement more aggressive environmental policies and practices.
            These key reasons are:
                  Rising cost of waste management, specifically plastic waste
                  Concerns for worker safety and public health
                  The need to reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution
                  Public policy demand that green practices be adopted

                  The positive image that results from “going green”

            “Clean and Green”
            There’s no easier, simpler way to make an immediate, positive impact on the work-
            place environment than adopting the use of green cleaning and janitorial products.
            And here, Native Green, a small woman and minority-owned company, is well-

            equipped to deliver the best solutions with environmentally-friendly products
            and support.

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            Michigan Office: 180 A Engelwood Drive, Orion, Michigan 48359
            Tel: 888.456.6444   Fax: 248.365.4210
            GSA Supplier #GS-07F-0490V
            Cage Code 53A91
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