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Machine & Manual Dishwashing

                                                      Bio+ Solid Machine Dish
                                                      Detergent 4/8lbs.

                                                      This solid contains no hydroxides (caustics), phosphates
                                                      (STPP), chlorine or nitrilotriacetate (NTA) which meets
                                                      the Federal Green Purchasing Policies and phosphate
                                                      laws. The powerful detergent rinses quickly and is
                                                      effective in both low temperature and high temperature
                                                      dish washing applications. The less caustic formula
                                                      means glasses and dishes will last longer and look
                 Part No. 542-0408
                                                      better, less fogging or etching. Navy Onboard Approved.

                                                      Solid Machine Dish Detergent
                                                      XL 4/8lbs.

                                                      A highly alkaline solid detergent designed for use in
                                                      most hard water conditions. The fast acting alkali source
                                                      solubilizes food soils for easy removal. Low-foaming
                                                      surfactants reduce surface tension for easier
                                                      penetration of food soils and provide for easier rinsing.
                                                      Packaged in a unique dispenser jar designed for ease of
                                                      handling. For areas with water hardness exceeding 7
                 Part No. 540-0408
                                                      grains.  Very economical. 4/8 lbs. capsules.

                                                      Bio+ Solid Rinse Additive

                                                      Bio+ Solid Dishwasher Rinse Additive provides excellent
                                                      sheeting action on machine washed kitchenware. Cuts
                                                      drying time in half. Glasses and plates dry quickly
                                                      without spots. Meets the Federal Green Purchasing
                                                      Policies and all local phosphate laws. (2) 5 lbs.

                 Part No. 543S-0205

                                                      Bio+ Dishwasher Delimer/
                                                      Descaler 2/5lbs.

                                                      Efficient powdered product designed to rid the
                                                      dishmachine of scale and lime formations due to hard
                                                      water precipitates.  Contains organic acids and special
                                                      surfactants that clean internal surfaces of machine. 2 /
                                                      6lbs bottles of granulated scale remover.

                 Part No. 544-0206
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