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C u s t o m e r   a n d   P r o d u c t

                                                          P h i l o s o p h y :   W h y   s h i p   w a t e r ?

                                                          Traditional cleaners are often 99% water...even big
                                                          company product concentrates are rarely less than 80%
                                                          water.  The impact of including all this water is dramatic.
                                                          Significantly increased plastic waste, storage, freight costs,
                                                          freight fuel and handling costs all result from added water.
                                                          So why add it?  Water and their corresponding “fillers” in
                                                          solid products generate more product “turns” or sales to
                                                          the customer, and of course more profit to the
                                                          manufacturer.  Big company logic.

                                                          We see this issue differently.  We know that by maximizing
                                                          the concentration levels in liquids and promoting 100%
                                                          active ingredient solids that we reduce packaging, freight,
                                                          warehousing and handling.  This lowers overall costs to us
                                                          so we can lower prices to our customers.  This is a true
                                                          partnership.  By doing good for our customers we will be
                                                          doing well for ourselves.    Native Green logic.

          W h a t   Y o u   C a n   E x p e c t   W h e n
          C h o o s i n g   N a t i v e   G r e e n

            High quality products that use reliable, innovative,
              safe dispensing technology.

            Customer safety and product use training that
              includes a full set of instructional posters and
              support  materials

            24/7 personal service, from product questions to
              dispenser troubleshooting, you can always count
              on us to go the extra mile for you.
          Native Green utilizes a nationwide service network
          made up of direct employees and independent

          contractors.  Live telephone answering and dispatch
          service is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365
          days a year.
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