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Machine & Manual Dishwashing

                                                      Dishwashing Machine
                                                      Dispenser Kit  for Solid
                                                      Detergent and Solid Rinse Aid

                                                      Automatically dispenses the correct amount of solid
                                                      detergent and rinse for all types of dish wash machines.
                                                      It has the versatility and durability to be used on single
                                                      tank, door and conveyor machines.  All materials are
                                                      provided including an external sensor to detect wash
                 Part No. NG2197                      cycles for simple installation and stainless steel
                                                      mounting bracket for the controller and bowls.

                                                      Solid Detergent Dispenser

                                                      The NG Solid  Detergent Dispenser mixes solid cleaning
                                                      chemicals that are used in pot and pan wash sinks,
                                                      flatware soak tubs, cleaning buckets and spray bottles.
                                                      Safely and easily dispenses a consistent mixture of
                                                      water and detergent with a simple turn of the handle.
                                                      Kit includes solid detergent dispensing bowl with ball
                                                      valve and high temperature backflow prevention.
                                                      Garden hose style water connection
                 Part No. NG2194

                                                      Liquid Detergent and
                                                      Sanitizer Dispenser

                                                      Kit includes automated mixing dispenser for liquid
                                                      products to deliver the right dilutions for every product.
                                                      The dispenser has the ability to share water connections
                                                      other Native Green dispensers for an easy integrated
                                                      solution.  No special tools required.

                 Part No. NG2196

                                                      Armored SD Solid Chemical

                                                      Locking wall mounted stainless steel tamper proof
                                                      dispenser for Native Green solid cleaning and sanitzing

                 Part No. NG916
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