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                                                                                           HOW MILLENNIALS

                                                                                           KILLED MAYONNAISE

                                                                                           “The inexorable rise of identity

                                                                                           condiments has led to hard times for

                                                                                           the most American of foodstuffs.

                                                                                           And that’s a shame…

                                                                                           I was forced to face facts:
                                                                                           The family’s tastes had changed.

                                                                                           Or, rather, our family had changed.

                                                                                           Oldsters were dying off, and the young

                                                                                           ’uns taking our places.

                                                                                           While I wasn’t watching, mayo’s day

                                                                                           had come and gone. It’s too basic for

                                                                                           contemporary tastes — pale and insipid

                                                                                           and not nearly exotic enough for our era of

           Observed by Sandy Hingston of Philadelphia Magazine.
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