Page 7 - The Five Forces of Everything
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We believe that the product

 experience will need to shine

 more brightly in future.

 It is no longer enough to be

 liked. Tomorrow, it’s about

 deeper, more meaningful

 connections with more

 demanding consumers.

                                                As you review the Five

 A powerful way to communicate is to           Forces of Everything,
 appeal to more of the human senses.         we hope  to  spark  your
 Information picked up this way arrives at   creativity.  This is not just

 the limbic system - the part of the brain   about the distant future, it is
 that deals with memory, motivation   about how certain macro drivers
 and emotion - before information is   are shaping the here and now - and

 received by cognitive intervention.   will continue to do so.
 So, it’s entirely possible for a brand to
                           In this age of continuous disruption, and with
 pack more messages into those vital
                       momentum on the side of small insurgents, we
 seconds of fame.
                    must all challenge our assumptions about everything
                that is going to happen in the years to come.

          By engaging  with  the  Five Forces,  we  hope  we  can play

       a small part in your transformation and prosperity.
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