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            The author wishes to express thanks for the
            encouragement provided by Dr. Essa Amin, President of
            the Bahrain Historical and Archaeological Society, for
            making available the full resources of the Bahrain
            Historical and Archaeological Society. The Society Library
            is a significant repository of published and unpublished
            materials on the subject of Bahrain archaeology. I am
            grateful for the kindness and help provided by staff of
            several libraries in Bahrain for help received which
            include: Awali Library, the Bahrain National Museum
            Library, Bahrain National Museum Archaeology Archives,
            Bapco Archives, the Historical Documents Centre, Manama
            Public Library, and the USIS Library at the U.S. Embassy
            in Bahrain. Thanks are also due to a number of individuals
            including : Dr. Harriet Crawford (Institute of Archaeology,
            London), Mr. Roger Davis (Kent State University-Stark,
            Canton, Ohio), Ms. F. Gough (French Embassy, Bahrain),
            Mr. Stephen Green (Bahrain), Ms. Pernille Hammelso
            (Munksgaard, Copenhagen), Dr. Flemming Hojlund
            (Musgaard Museum, Denmark), Mr. Robert Jarman
            (Archive Research Limited, London), Dr. Robert Killick
            (Institute of Archaeology, London), Dr. Judith Littleton
            (Australian National University), Dr. Pierre Lombard
            (National Center for Scientific Research, University of
            Lyon), and Dr. Emily Teeter (Oriental Institute Museum,
            University of Chicago).

            Dr. Gordon Davis
            Bahrain National Museum
            State of Bahrain
            January 1996
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