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But also if they go further in  doing  is seeing if there is  one  realtor, or  more  than
        that, what’s nice is they also  alignment and compatibilities  financial  services  provider  in
        can go on and hire them as  where you trust each other,  any  of  our  chapters.  But  it’s
        business  counsel  as their  you know each other, and like  based  upon  the  abundance
        needs are suited.                   each other enough that you’re  mentality. Everyone deserves
                                            willing  to see their character  to eat and everyone deserves
        Brian:   Let’s talk about pillar  as a person, that they would  to  compete.  Just  do  it  nicely
        number      three,    which     is be someone that you would  because we believe that from
        creating multiple business  want to refer to others in this  the  emotional,  the  personal,
        opportunities in small to  an organization.                             and the mental attributes of
        large formats. You do local                                             everyone, there is someone
        chapter meetings, you do  But  more  importantly,  we  out there for you. Not
        large quarterly events. Let’s  call it the family test. Is this  everyone has a mix with each
        talk about that.                    someone that you would refer  other, not every one will align.
                                            to your family? After that, we  But if you have choice, we
        Robert:      Yes.    I   actually   get  to  the  chapter  level  and  believe that we create more
        even  want  to  take  a little  right  now  we  have  15  active  value  from  the  product  and
        bit  further than  that. The  chapters that meet each week  services because we’re also
        basic  foundation  of  Network  in Arizona alone. The chapters  delivering  the  personalities,
        Together is what we call the  have anywhere from 12 to 35  and  then  the alignment that
        one-on-one.  And  that is the  people that come each week.  comes from that.
        first  initial  communication  And in our particular mix, we
        between our members or our  are an inclusive, not exclusive  Brian:   Absolutely. Then the
        members and guests. One of  organization.                               next thing is creating
        the things what we try to train                                         awareness of the organization
        our members to do is try not  What that means is, is you  through community outreach
        to  sell  what  you  do  or  what  could  have more than  one  activities.
        you  offer.  What  you’re  really  web developer or more than

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