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Robert:  Yes. Where  are  So you may ask me, what does  We have a short link because
        the  mixers  and  mashups  that look like? Well, DECA is  we have over a thousand
        came from was  community  an  organization  that  helps  meetings and events per year,
        outreach. We  believe  that  as  develop our youth to be civic  and that’s a lot to keep up with.
        stewards of our community,  and business minded leaders.  That’s        
        the small business owners are  We  have  a  partnership  with  and gives all the information
        the company representatives,  DECA in  the local area, and  to  the  different  chapters,
        the     entrepreneurs,        the  we put out the call to Network  locations, and times.
        thought  leaders, etc. We felt  Together members to serve
        that the best way that people  within  DECA  to judge the  Brian:    Fantastic. Thank you,
        could see that we’re socially  contestants  from the  high  Robert  Jones  for  being  here
        conscious  and  community  schools.                                     today. It was an honor and a
        minded was that we give                                                 privilege to have you here.
        back  and  we  work  with  the  And  what does that do?
        community.       That    doesn’t Well,  that  shows  DECA  and  Robert:   Thank you so much,
        necessarily just mean money,  those  students  that  Network  Brian.
        sometimes it’s  just  the  time.  Together  is  an  organization
        Sometimes it’s  going  to  a  that         is   a    part   of    the  Robert Jones is the Founder and
        local school and  being  on  a  community,  not  apart  from  Owner of  Network  Together,
        panel. Sometimes it’s actually  the community, and  it also  LLC the largest non-franchised
        working  with  our aged and  allows our members to do  independently  owned business
        reading them books.                 something to give back more  networking           organization     in
                                            than  just  filling  out  a  paper  Arizona. He is a former Internet
        Sometimes it’s actually doing  receipt to send off in the mail.  Marketer, Speaker, Leader and
        a donation  of  clothing  and  It gives them time because  Mentor  to business  owners
        shoes, or working  in  the  the  most  important  thing  looking to practice the skills of
        soup  kitchen.  Those  are  that we as an organization,  networking, public speaking,
        the things  that we want  as  entrepreneurial  leaders,  digital promotion, and event
        people  to  see  when  they  is  this—to  help  mentor  and  presentation.
        say Network Together. They  have our kids be able to model
        know that these are business  after us.                                 His company puts on over 1000
        professionals  that  don’t  just                                        events and meetings per year
        sign  paychecks,  they  actually  Brian:      Absolutely.  Where  and has at least 12 large-sized
        give up their heart and time.       can we find you?                    event management projects
                                                                                per year with his company  NT
        Brian:    I love that. And the  Robert:  Our main website is  Events. He has media experience
        final  pillar  is  creating  and  on stage, on set, and in studio
        providing       outlets     that    It gives a 30,000 foot view of  as a host or guest.
        provides serve to our youth.   what Network Together looks
                                            like. You can learn how to join,  Robert attributes  much of
        Robert:       Absolutely. There     who  our  members are,  and  his success  to his 20 years
        are many  ways  that  we  where you can find a chapter.   of                  independent       business
        serve our youth.  When  we                                              ownership  with one of the
        talk youth,  we  talk about  We also have a specialty event  most successful  boutique style
        the middle  school and high  page  and  it’s  called  www.              Search Engine Optimization
        school  level  up  through  to You can  and Web Design Companies in
        college,  and  even  some  of  look at some of the speakers  America and his experience as
        the  young  professionals  that  that  we’ve  had  in  the  past,  a community leader and social
        might  be  in  their  twenties.  and  some of  the  curriculum  arts organizer. He has help
        The better answer would  be  that we have at our big stage  raise hundreds  of thousands
        what  we  do  for  the  service  events.  Call  us  if  you  have  of  dollars  for  not-for-profit
        to  our  youth.  We  promote  interest  in  being  on  a  panel  agencies and has sat on boards
        different organizations within  or a speaker there. And then  of publicly traded corporations.
        our organizations  to see if  lastly, we have an events  He served as a US Marine, is a
        our members will go out and  calendar.                                  published poet, and is a health
        share and care.                                                         nut.
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