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Three Things To Know Before Writing Your Book
                                                                                           -by Brian K Wright

        Many  people  have  dreams  Having  a  clear  and  defined  those people who don’t know
        of writing  a book, but few  message should  be obvious,  you? If you want to sell a lot
        actually  take  action  to  do  it.  but  it’s  interesting  when  of  copies  of  your  book,  you
        Those who actually try to start  people  approach  me  about  have to convince people who
        don’t  seem to  have  a  strong  wanting  to write their book,  don’t know who you are that
        reason other than to “tell their  they’re not  really sure what  you  have a  message that’s
        story”.  On  top  of  that,  they  they want to write about. What  worth hearing, so what is that
        often feel stuck and at some  I’ve found, though, is that when  message and  what  is your
        point  they  decide  to  give  up  I  work  with  entrepreneurs  in  purpose?
        and not finish.                     their businesses, they already
                                            know what their message is.         And  secondly, how do you
        It doesn’t have to be this way.                                         want  to  impact  the  world
                                            Think about this. If you have  through  that message? As
        A lot of you may know that I  a  message that  you  want  to  an  example,  perhaps  you’re
        help people write their books,  share with  the world, think  a suicide  survivor. That’s
        so  I  want  to  help  you  get  a  about what it really is in terms  something that a lot of people
        jump start.                         of  purpose  and  the  impact  think  about, unfortunately,
                                            you want to make.                   and  it’s  something  that  is  a
        Here are three of  the most                                             very valuable message.
        important  things  that  you  First,  what  is  your  purpose
        need to have in hand before  and what do you want people  If  you  want  people  to  think
        you begin.                          to take away from it? If  you  and  do  something  different
                                            want  to  tell  your  story,  ask  regarding  your  topic,  if  you
        Number  one, have  a  very  yourself “Why?”. Your friends  want  people  to  learn  more
        clear  and  well  defined  a  and family will buy your book  about  your  topic,  make  that
        message.                            by  default.  But  what  about  message very clear.
                                            everybody  else,  especially
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