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                                        UPCOMING SHUTTLE TRIPS
         All shuttle trips depart at 9:30 a.m. from the lobby of your building and return by 3 p.m. You must cancel three business
              days in advance of the scheduled shuttle trip to receive a full refund.  Activities Office Phone: 703-370-7092.

              U.S. PATENT AND TRADE OFFICE:                                 GW/TEXTILE MUSEUM
                  INVENTORS HALL OF FAME                                        Thursday, March 7

                                                                    $10 Shuttle • Tour Tickets: $8 • 9:30 a.m. Departure
                       Thursday, February 7
                              $10 Shuttle
                          9:30 a.m. Departure

                                                                Join us for docent-led tour of Enduring Ideals: Rockwell,
                                                                Roosevelt  &  the  Four  Freedoms.  Rockwell,  Roosevelt,  &
                                                                the Four  Freedoms  explores  the indelible odyssey of  hu-
                                                                manity’s  greatest  ideals  during  the  Great  Depression  and
         Come along for a docent-led tour of the museum. The mis-  World War II.  Lunch will be at your own expense at Bobby
         sion of the National Inventors Hall of Fame® (NIHF) is to   Vans Steak House.
         recognize inventors  and invention, promote  creativity  and
         advance  the  spirit  of  innovation  and  entrepreneurship.
         Lunch will be at your expense at The Wharf.
                                                                         NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE
                                                                                MARINE CORPS
                       KREEGER MUSEUM
                                                                                Thursday, March 21
                      Thursday, February 21                           $12 Shuttle • $4 Ticket • 9:30 a.m. Departure
                           Wait List Only
           $10 Shuttle • Seniors Tickets: $8 • Adult Tickets: $10
                          9:30 a.m. Departure

                                   Take  a  trip  with  us  on  the
                                   docent-led  tour  of  Kreeger
                                   Museum’s  Permanent  Col-
                                   lection  reinstallation.  View
                                   postwar  and  contemporary
                                   art  holdings.  See  work  by
                                   Abstract  Expressionist  Hans
                                   Hofmann  that  has  not  been   Join us for a trip to the National Museum of the Marine
                                   displayed  for  several  years.   Corps. Take your time on a self-guided tour. Enjoy lunch
                                   New  exhibits  include  works   at  your  own  expense  at  either  Tub  Tavern  or  the  Devil
                                   by Paul Reed and Willem de   Dog Diner. Then, gather in the giant screen theater which
                                   Looper.  The  lower  galleries   features our signature film We, The Marines allowing us
                                   also highlight the Museum’s   to explore what it takes to be a Marine.
                                   African  masks  collection.
                                   Lunch  at  your  expense  at   *Please  note  this  shuttle  trip  is  scheduled  to  return  to
                                   Bistro Lepic.                Watergate at 4 p.m. One hour later than normal. Please
                                                                plan accordingly.

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