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         Rashawnda Atkinson, Editor

         After being a part of the Watergate at Landmark staff for 3 years in
         the Environmental Services and Maintenance Departments, manage-
         ment  is  pleased  to  announce  that  Bryan  Fingers  is  our  newly  ap-
         pointed Shop Foreman as of January 2019.  This is the person who
         makes  sure  our  common  areas  maintain  that  resort-style  look  we
         have at WAL. Does he look familiar to you? It’s probably because
         he was the 2017 Employee of the Year at WAL.

         Prior to accepting this position, Bryan was a Building Engineer in
         our community. You may have seen him caring for our indoor pool
         plants. Although he graduated from North Carolina Agricultural and
         Technical State University in 2013, Bryan still seeks to become a
         better  professional  through  taking  continuing  education  courses
         through the National Association of Power Engineers (NAPE). He
         is  working  towards  becoming  a  certified  Electrician  through  the
         courses he takes via NAPE.

         When asked about how he feels regarding this new responsibility,
         Bryan said, “I’m excited about the opportunity and looking forward
         to the challenge.”

         Congratulations again to Bryan for accepting this responsibility.
                                                                          The Shop Foreman and his staff works hard to keep
                                                                                               our place second to none.

                                                                   And the Favorite Chili Goes To...

                                                                  A  big  thanks
                                                                  goes  out  to  the
                                                                  seven brave souls
                                                                  who  dared  enter
                                                                  their   cherished
                                                                  chili  recipes  into
                                                                  the  Social  Com-
                                                                  mittee’s   Chili
                                                                  Cook-Off!   An
                                                                  eager    crowd
                                                                  awaited  as  each
                                                                  entrant  gave  out
                                                                  chili samples.

                                                                  Michael  Bonk’s
                                                                  dish   came   in
                                                                  third,   Renee
                                                                  O’Brien  was  our
                                                                  runner-up   and
                                                                  Mikey   Scallan
                                                                  was  this  year’s
                                                                  winner! The winners received a gift certificate from a West-
                                                                  End restaurant.

                                                                  We  truly  appreciate  Van  Dorn  Diner,  Makeda  Ethiopian
                                                                  Restaurant  and  Fratelli’s  Italian  Restaurant  for  sponsoring
                                                                  the gift cards!

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