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        Toni Fischman

        Over  the  years,  WAL  resident  and   to the 41st POTUS, she says she
        artist  Toni  Fischman  sent  acrylic   “was  quite  surprised  to  receive
        paintings  she  created  to  some Presi-  an envelope addressed from The
        dents of the United States (POTUS).   White House” in March of 1989.
        Each  time,  she  received  letters  of
        appreciation back.                   “I  was  further  delighted  to  re-
                                             ceive  a  letter  from  President
        “Watching the recent funeral of Pres-  Bush and wife Barbara, thanking   Toni received a thank you letter from the late
        ident  George  H.W.  Bush,  I  thought   me  for  my  ‘gift,”  Toni  said,   George H. W. Bush for her Midwest painting.
        back  to  1989  when  he  was  elected   holding the copy of the letter in                Photo: Toni Fischman
        President.  I  had  just  finished  my   hand.
        acrylic  painting  titled  ‘Midwest.’                                     needed to lead our nation.
        Since  I  thought  it  represented  a  sig-  Four years later, Toni Fischman sent
        nificant part of America, I sent Presi-  another  painting  titled  “American   One of her most cherished painting is
        dent  Bush  a  gift  of  my  painting,”   Beauty Roses” to then President-elect   her acrylic of the late Pres. John Ken-
        Fischman recounts.                   Bill  Clinton  as  he  prepared  to  be-  nedy’s  final  farewell  site.  Titled
                                             come the 42nd POTUS and received     “Half-Mast  at  Arlington  Cemetery”
        “It was mailed at the old Post Office   a similar note of gratitude.      and  once  displayed  at  the  National
        on  Pickett  Street—first  class!”  she                                   Park  Academy  of  the  Arts  in  Wyo-
        chuckled.                            Toni sent her paintings to the White   ming. This one painting is so special
                                             House because she’s inspired by our   to Toni that she decided to keep it.
        Although  Toni  sent  out  her  painting   country's  heritage  and  the  courage

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