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        Rashawnda Atkinson, Editor

        The  City  of  Alexandria  plans  to  in-  for  the  City  of  Alexandria.  One  in   as in the region (along with DC and
        stall new “No Turn on Red” signs at   seven  of  these  incidents  resulted  in   Montgomery  County)  who’ve  taken
        targeted  intersections  throughout  the   death  or  serious  injuries.  The  re-  on this task of eliminating transporta-
        Alexandria  community.  The  city’s   search also found that crashes where   tion-related deaths or serious injuries.
        Transportation  and  Environ-                                                   To  align  ourselves  with  this
        ment  Services  (T&ES)  ana-                                                    vision,  our  community  has
        lyzed  crash  data  and  consulted   Check  out  which  intersections  in       safety features such as walking
        both industry best practices and   Alexandria  are  affected  at  https://      pathways,  posted  speed  limit
        public comment as a part of the               signs,  crosswalks  and  stop
        larger  Vision  Zero  Initiative                                                signs.  These  features  make  it
        approved  by  the  City  Council                                                easier  to  walk  around  and  aim
        in 2017. The goal? A safe, accessible   drivers  were  turning  onto  another   to reduce the potential for these kinds
        community for every age and for the   street  are  one  of  the  most  common   of accidents. Still, it takes a commu-
        many ways Alexandrians get around.    types of accidents in Alexandria. The   nity effort of pedestrians, cyclists and
                                             signs may curtail these kinds of acci-  drivers to keep WAL safe.
        Why Are More Signs Needed?           dents in problematic areas.
        Across  the  city,  445  walkers  were                                     Don’t  forget  to  look  for  those  new
        involved  in  auto-related  crashes  ac-  Vision Zero and WAL              signs! Check out which intersectinos
        cording to the data gathered over the   Vision  Zero  began  in  Sweden  in   in  Alexandria  are  affected  at  https://
        2011 – 2016 Vision Zero Action Plan   1997, and our city is one of three are-

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