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Women  Voters.  Results  will  be  an-                                    may invalidate a ballot? Two issues
         nounced  at  the  end  of  the  Annual                                    commonly arise that may invalidate a

         Meeting and posted in each building                                       ballot.    The  first  issue  is  write-in
         following  the  Annual  Meeting.  The                                     votes. Write-in votes are not allowed,
         Elections Committee encourages you                                        nor are erasures or cross-outs. Doing
         to please vote!                                                           any  of  these  will  invalidate  your
                                                                                   proxy ballot.
         What if I can’t attend the Annual
         Meeting?  If  you  cannot  attend  the                                    Another common mistake is missing
         meeting, you are encouraged to vote                                       signatures.  The  printed  and  signed
         by  filling  out  the  Proxy  Ballot  &   Voting in the lobby, at Happy Hour or at the   names of all owners of a WAL unit
         Proxy Envelope, then:              Annual Meeting? Don’t forget to bring your   must appear on the proxy ballot en-
           •  Mail the envelope to the League   WAL ID!                            velope. All unit owners listed on the
            of  Women  Voters  to  arrive  no                                      deed  must  print  their  names  at  the
            later than noon on March 4.       What  are  the  three  ways  that  the   top as well as sign and date the proxy
           •  Present the envelope to an Elec-  proxy envelope can be completed?   envelope on the signature lines. Why
            tion  Committee  member  on  the    • Complete the ballot and put it in   is this so important?  In 2018, WAL
            date and time they will be in the    your proxy envelope if you want   had 30 invalidated ballots because:
            lobby of your building from 5-7      to vote for a candidate(s);        •  Owners did not write their names
            p.m. For Bldgs. 1 and 2, that will   •  You  can  have  your  proxy  count   at the top of the proxy envelope.
            be on February 19. It will be on     for  quorum.  You  don’t  want  to   •  All  owners  of  individual  units
            February 20 for Bldgs. 3 and 4.      vote  for  any  candidate(s)  but    did  not  sign  the  signature  line,
           •  Place  the  envelope  in  the  ballot   want  to  help  establish  quorum   and/or
            drop  box  at  the  Front  Desk,  no   (no ballot); or                  •  Some handwriting was illegible
            later  than  noon  the  day  of  the   •  Appoint someone to act on your   •  Ballots  from  previous  elections
            Annual Meeting, March 4, or          behalf  at  the  meeting  and  vote   (e.g. 2016-2018) were submitted.
           •  Vote  during  the  Community       for a candidate(s).
            Happy  Hour  on  February  22  in                                      Please read over the election materi-
            the Terrace Lounge.               What  are  the  most  common  mis-   als or come out to one of the sched-
                                              takes  made  by  unit  owners  which   uled events. Don’t forget to vote!

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