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         By Elections Committee

         Let your voice be heard and vote in     closely  with  Watergate  Manage-
         our upcoming WAL Board of Direc-        ment  to  improve  the  quality  of   What is the Unit Owners Associa-
         tors  Elections!  Board  members  are   life for all residents.           tion? The Association is made up of
         the  Association’s  governing  repre-  The election of Board members is an   all owners who are listed on the deed
         sentatives  and  the  decisions  they   expensive and time-consuming enter-  for that unit.  Renters are not mem-
         make impact our lives daily. Respon-  prise.  The  Annual  Meeting  will  be   bers of the Association.
         sibilities of the Board include:      postponed  if  quorum  is  not  reached
          •  Adoption  of  an  annual  Associa-  by the evening of March 4. This  may   What is the Quorum? For the Asso-
            tion budget, unit assessments and   require a new election at a significant   ciation  to  conduct  business,  which
            a  schedule  of  fees.  Board  mem-  additional  cost  to  the  Association.   includes elections, at least 25% of the
            bers  must  manage  stakeholders’   Therefore, it is vital that all unit own-  total  percentage  interest,  either  by
            money  in  responsible  and  effi-  ers  fulfill  their  ownership  responsi-  proxy or in attendance, must be rep-
            cient manner and be sensitive to   bility and VOTE!                    resented.  This is called quorum and
            the  impact  their  decisions  have                                    it is outlined in our governing docu-
            on the financial circumstances of   If for some reason you are not ready   ments.
            unit owners.                      to vote or do not wish to vote for any
          • Approval of contracts and capital   of the candidates on the proxy ballot,   What  does  Percentage  of  Interest
            expenditures  that  contribute  to   check  Option  2  on  the  proxy  ballot   Mean? Each unit has a weighted in-
            the  maintenance  and  appearance   envelope which says, “Vote for quor-  terest  (no  matter  how  many  owners
            of  the  property,  improve  home   um purposes only.”                 are  on  the  deed)  in  the  Association,
            values  and  instill  in  residents  a                                 depending  on  the  model  you  own.
            sense of pride in their communi-  Helpful  instructions  for  voting  are   For example, if you own an A model,
            ty. Board members must endeav-    included  in  the  election  materials,   you  have  the  smallest  interest
            or  to  limit  the  inconvenience  of   and you may vote as soon as you re-  (.048%)  and  if  you  own  a  J  or  K
            major  infrastructure  projects  on   ceive the election materials. Included   model  you  have  the  larger  interest
            residents and ensure projects are   in the information are copies of can-  (.092%).    In  voting,  only  one  vote
            completed on schedule, at budget   didates’  biographies  and  campaign   per  unit  is  accepted,  but  it  is
            and at a high level of quality.   statements  for  you  to  review.  The   weighted.  What  does  this  mean?
          •  Proliferation  of  reasonable  rules   Elections Committee has coordinated   Your vote is not a one for one vote
            that  promote  the  safety,  health   several  events  for  residents  to  meet   like it is in an election for the gover-
            and  well-being  of  residents  and   the candidates and to hear their ideas.   nor  or  the  president  of  the  United
            the  peaceful  enjoyment  of  their                                    States.  Although  your  vote  in  the
            homes.                                WAL 2019 Elections FAQ           Association  may  be  weighted,  it  is
          •  Finally,  Board  members  work   What is the business of the Annual   extremely  important  that  enough
                                                       Meeting?  The  primary      owners attend or submit a proxy for
                                                       business is the election of   the  Association  Annual  Meeting  to
         2019 Election Dates to Remember               new Board members.          meet quorum.

          Special Joint Committee Meeting              How  many  candidates       What  happens  when  I  attend  the
          Sponsored by Several WAL Committees          are  there?  How  many      Annual Meeting if I haven’t voted
           Tuesday, February 5 • Terrace Lounge • 7:30 pm.   can  I  choose?  Five unit   yet?  May  I  still  vote?    When  the
                                                       owners  were  validated  as   polls open, you will check in with the
          “Meet the Candidates” Town Hall
           Tuesday, February 12 • Terrace Lounge • 7:30 p.m.   candidates  for  the  2019   League of Women Voters.  You must
                                                       Board  of  Directors  Elec-  show  your  ID.    You  will  receive  a
          Lobby Voting                                 tion. This year, unit own-  colored ballot depending on your unit
           Tuesday, February 19 • Bldgs.1 & 2 • 5 – 7 p.m.   ers  will  elect  three  resi-  model. The color makes it easier for
           Wednesday, February 20 • Bldgs. 3 & 4 • 5 – 7 p.m.   dent  owners  to  the  Wa-  the  League  of  Women  Voters  to
                                                       tergate   at   Landmark     count the votes by model and calcu-
          Community Happy Hour Voting                  Board  of  Directors.  The   late the percentage of interest.
           Friday, February 22 • Terrace Lounge • 7 – 9 p.m.   three  candidates  with  the
                                                       greatest  number  of  votes   How  will  the  votes  be  counted?
          42nd Annual Meeting                                                      Election results will be tabulated un-
           Monday, March 4 • Terrace Lounge • 7 p.m.   will  be  elected  to  three-
           Doors open at 6:30 p.m.                     year terms.                 der  the  guidance  of  the  League  of

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