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                               By Gary Dahl, Board President
                               Are you ready for the Big Game   ing into the building’s concrete and metal structure. Our
                               Football  Party  (On  Page  14)?   policies strictly prohibit covering the balcony floor.
                               Take some time to attend this or
                               any of the events hosted here at   Rules and Policies:
                               WAL  this  month.  Below  are   Several owners have contacted me about our community’s
                               key items for our community.    rules.  Rules and Regulations (R&R) are derived from the

                                                                   Read a copy of the Rules and Regulations
        Annual Meeting and Election of Board Officers
        By  now  you  should  have  received  the  Annual  Meeting   online. Find the Resource Documents tab
        and  Election  of  Board  Officers  information  through  the   and click the Governing Documents sec-
        mail.    Five  of  your  co-owners  volunteered  to  represent
        you as they serve on the Board of Directors for a 3-year      tion at
        term. On Tuesday, February 12 , we will have a Meet the
        Candidate  Event.  During  this  event,  you  can  ask  the
        Board candidates questions, hear their platforms, and em-  by-laws, policy resolutions (PR) and administration reso-
        phasis for your community if elected. Only three candi-  lutions (AR). Another document is created after the Board
        dates will be elected. So, be sure to come on out to the   approves changes or additions to policies that needs to be
        event, listen to what they have to say, and then vote for   edited, reviewed and determined if they are legally suffi-
        the candidates of your choice. Opportunities exist to vote   cient and represent the resolution(s).  After this process is
        throughout  February  (Look  in  the  Elections  article  on   complete,  WAL  posts  such  online.  Therefore,  the  R&R
        Page 4 for details). You can vote by mail or drop the bal-  document always lags Board actions. The R&R document
                                                               is published infrequently with yearly amendments posted.
  Your last opportunity to vote is during the                  The current R&R document dated in 2017 received policy
                                                               amendments in 2018. This is posted online now for your
  Annual Meeting on Monday, March 4th.                         perusal. On this online document, the changes are high-
                                                               lighted  with  the  appropriate  PR/AR  in  the  annex  at  the
        lot into the slot by the Resident Services at any time this   back of the R&R.  Soon, we will add the changes that oc-
        month.  However, your last opportunity to vote is during   curred since the posting of the 2018 amendments.   It is
        the Annual Meeting on Monday, March 4 .                anticipated that the final R&R rewrite will occur around
                                                               June 2019 to be republished. This will be provided to the
        Balcony Policies                                       Board for approval.
        Please ensure your balcony has no coverings on the sur-
        face.  Within the last couple of months, management and   Please follow the PR and AR for our community, as these
        our contractor surveying the balconies for surface replace-  provide owners current information on specific topics that
        ment  have  noted  an  increase  in  coverings  (rugs,  wood,   impact the WAL community. You can track policy chang-
                                                               es via the Board agenda, minutes  and online posts.  All
                                                               new or changed policies resolutions are sent to all owners.

                                                               A Board resolution is a motion that follows a set format
                                                               and is formally adopted by the Board.
                                                               1.  Policy  Resolutions  (PR)  affect  owners’  rights  and
                                                                   obligations such as rules for the use of common areas
                                                                   and recreational facilities, architectural guidelines and
                                                                   enforcement procedures.  We have  a formal process
                                                                   of  approving  Policy  Resolutions  here  at  WAL  that
                                                                   include  a  1   Reading  at  a  Board  Meeting,  a  subse-
                                                                   quent Town Hall and a vote of approval/disapproval
                                                                   at a second Board Meeting.
         Refrain from using balcony covers as they cause surface ero-  2.  Administrative  Resolutions (AR) address the inter-
         sion and structural issues due to water retention. Your balcony
         can still feel like home with other kinds of condo-friendly décor.   nal  operations  of  the  community  association.  Exam-
                                                                   ples  include  operating  procedures,  collection  proce-
        plastic etc.) on the balcony surfaces by unit owners and   dures and where Board Meetings will be held.
        renters. It may look nice. However, they create a condi-
        tion which degrades the surface and leads to water intrud-

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