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Inside the Wheel                                                                      ON THE COVER:

                                                                                                PUPPY LOVE

                                                                                            This  adorable  American
                                    News                                                    Labrador Retriever’s name
                                                                                            is  Sky.  She’s  five  months
                                                                                            old  and  loves  her  owners,
                                     President’s Update   02                                WAL  residents  Matthew
                                                                                            Greene    and    Jenny
                                    BOD 2019 Elections   04                                 Guzman.    This   WAL
                                    Watch Those Turns   06                                  resident  loves  to  go  on
                                                                                            walks  and  is  always  down
                            8       WAL Staff News      08                                  for a good belly rub!

                                    ProFIT News         16                                       Photo: Matthew Green

                                                                   Wheel  is  a  publication  of  the  Watergate  at
                                                                 Landmark Unit Owners Association
                                                                 Feb. 2019, Vol. 45  Issue 2 Published 11 times annually

                                    Presidential Paintings  09   Editor: Rashawnda Atkinson

                                    Activities Recap    10       Email to submit original content (e.g.
                            9       Small Pets Show     17       articles, phots) for consideration. High quality photos recommended (300 dpi
                                                                 or greater). Editor makes the final decisions for all upcoming issues.

                                                                 The Wheel does not warrant or assume any legal liability or responsibility
                                                                 for any information, product or service represented within our magazine.
                                                                 Anyone using  the  information  provided by The  Wheel  whether medical,
                                    Events                       legal,  business  or  other,  does  so  at  their  own  risk,  and  by  using  such
                                                                 information agrees to indemnify The Wheel from any and all liability, loss,
                                                                 injury, damages, costs and expenses (including legal fees and expenses)
                                     Future Shuttle Trips  12    arising from such use.
                                    February Events     14

                                    Blood Drive         15
                                    Swim Open House     16

                                    Community Calendar  19

             Watergate of Landmark

                 Board of Directors

          Gary Dahl, President
          Eileen Greenberg, VP
          Alex Davila, Director

          Mark Drake, Director
          Mary Garren, Director
          Georges Jacques, Director

          Robert Lee, Director
          James Samans, Director
          Phil Schrock, Director

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