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So, why are reviews so important?

Check Out These Key Takeaways From a Recent
Local Consumer Review Survey

                                                                (Source: BrightLocal)

• 92% of consumers now read online reviews
• 40% of consumers form an opinion by reading just 1-3 reviews
• Star rating is #1 factor used by consumers to judge a business
• 44% say a review must be written within 1 month to be relevant
• Only 13% of consumers consider using a business that has a 1 or 2 star rating
• 68% say positive reviews make them trust a local business more
• Consumers are becoming more concerned about fake reviews

    We have found that even businesses around for many years have few reviews online in
many cases.

    It is important for 3 main reasons that a business puts forth an ongoing effort for reviews;
1. It takes time to reach out and follow up with customers - but it’s worth it (and Review Stars
makes it much easier).
2. Fresh reviews and business engagement shows search engines that you are active and
therefore more relevant.

Review Stars                          3. Negative reviews are virtually guaranteed to every
                                      business at some point. You just can’t make every
Bad at Some Things. Good at Reviews.  one happy all of the time.
                                         So the best defense is a good offense. Keep
                                      getting great reviews and the negative reviews will
                                      become less and less impactful.
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