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       10 Telecom Reseller September/October 2018
June/July 2019
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Telecom Reseller 13
 Announces the Prodoscore
they already provide. proactive insights for all departments allowing partners to deepen relationships within a
l Growing user adoption to realize full ROI of their IT investment.
Partner Program
they are on the front-lines of innovation exclusive to:
with an AI solution that addresses multiple l Freeing capital by identifying excessive
July 2019
IRVINE, CA - ProdoscoreTM, the workforce
productivity optimization company, has
announced the Prodoscore Partner Program,
PRODOSCORE GIVES PARTNERS ACCESS TO customer’s entire organization. By increasing
l Increasing sales performance by replicating the behaviors of top performers.
BUSINESS UNITS BEYOND IT workforce productivity, partners are guiding Prodoscore partners are differentiated because their customers to benefits including but not
l Identifying new market opportunities directly requested by their customer base.
TA Taxable Benefit? giving channel partners, managed service
Interested partners should visit https://www. n
needs. M
achine Lear
ning de
al expen
Telecom Pro
  providers, and consultants the ability to bring innovative and actionable AI tools to
Is it true that the FCC is stopping robocalls?
 elecommunications and taxes are IRS states “[a] de minimis benefit is any
a broad range of customers. Partners will TIMOTHY C.
inseparable. In the United States a COLWELL property or service you provide to an
 receive customizable Go-To-Market and
tax and surcharge burden of 20% employee that has so little value (taking
sales enablement tools, free demo accounts,
to 40% or more on a telecom invoice is not into account how frequently you provide
 lead sharing opportunities, and lucrative SVP Efficiency First® Adoption –
uncommon. similar benefits to your employees) that
commissions. The Prodoscore Partner Program AOTMP ( There’s another type of tax for employers
accounting for it would be unreasonable or administratively impracticable.”
So, if the primary purpose of the cell phone/smart phone/telecom device is for business use and the personal benefit is minimal, then it is not taxable as a fringe benefit. Conversely, according the IRS, “Cell phones provided to promote goodwill, boost morale, or attract prospective employees,” are subject to the fringe benefit tax.
Interpretations of IRS rules are subject to a variety of factors. Always consult a
empowers partners to assist new and existing
to consider, though, when providing cell
customers to improve corporate performance
phones and similar telecom devices to
and create a more productive workforce while
employee. Second, is the degree of personal benefit received by an employee from the device.
The first determination establishes
whether the device is being provided
primarily for business use. If so, the device
is considered ‘noncompensatory’ and,
therefore, is not subject to taxation as a
fringe benefit. The second determination is
employees – the fringe benefit tax. The
opening a revenue stream at the leading edge of
Internal Revenue Service (IRS) updates
the growing AI/ML software space.
guidance on fringe benefits periodically,
“Prodoscore stands out because partners
and cell phones are addressed in “IRS
can leverage the value proposition to win
Publication 15-B (2019), Employer’s Tax
new customers and grow revenue from their
Guide to Fringe Benefits.”
existing base, ultimately increasing their total
There are two key items to consider
lifetime value,” said Michael Sterl, CEO of Carve
before answering the question – Is a
Digital and Cloud Optik. “I like that a single
corporate provided cell phone/smart phone/
solution can help partners expand their services
telecom device a taxable fringe benefit?
preventative call blocking if desired.
to the C-suite, sales, marketing, and support
the provided device; if there is minimal benefit, then it is not a fringe benefit. The
appropriate application of IRS rules to your business situation. n
First, is determination of purpose behind
the employer providing the device to an
We can confidently say that we have the best hardware rental program in the industry. Our Device as a Service (DaaS) rental program gives your customers the
Robocalls are a nuisance and a frustration for everyone with a phone number. The FCC issued
a declaratory ruling on June 6, 2019 that takes a significant step in quashing robocalls. The ruling states voice service providers have the right to block unwanted calls from reaching called numbers by default. The action is supported
by using ‘reasonable call analytics’ to determine if a call should be blocked or not. Customers can
the degree personal benefit received from trusted tax resource to determine the most opt-out of thisQ
  The product’s architecture makes it an inherent
widest variety of VoIP Products for a low monthly payment!
 complement to a partner’s existing technology
to deliver intelligent network solutions,
including SD-WAN, edge compute, managed
WiFi, managed and professional services,
and edge functions such as switches,
routers, and firewalls. The company
has built its business around providing
fanatical customer support and touts tens
of thousands of managed edges for its
International Coverage of Cloud-
What is the current USF
portfolio by allowing them to provide additional
services without cannibalizing their staple
product lines. Prodoscore’s technology creates
Actionable AnalyticsTM using a proprietary
welcomes partners
QOS Networks managed network solutions
please email us at and request the form!
now available in the Intelisys Supplier Portfolio of all backgrounds
to their customers, and we’re excited to work together to deliver QOS network solutions to end-user customers and build out a more intelligent network.”
“The addition of QOS Networks to the Intelisys Supplier Portfolio represents a strategic benefit to our Sales Partners,”
said Jay Bradley, President of Intelisys, a ScanSource company. “The best-in-class Edge as a Service, SD-WAN, and WLAN Edge WiFi solutions that QOS provides will enable enterprise organizations to design intelligent and agile next-generation networks.”
Partners or customers who are interested in working with QOS Networks can reach out to us here:
To learn more, visit, and www.scansource. com. n
Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) industries can benefit from this new offering.
“We are thrilled to announce this milestone and our growing international presence,”
said Chris Malinowski, president of West Telecom Services. “For global enterprises, communications have no borders. The
ability to easily connect and collaborate with
colleagues, partners and customers on an
international level is imperative. The rollout
ranging from Salesforce
Irvine, CA - QOS Networks has
Rent Brands Like:
announced that it has finalized a partnership agreement with Intelisys, a ScanSource
The increased volume and versatility of numbers allows clients to select telephone numbers that are optimal for their business and extend the reach of their network rapidly, at competitive rates, without incurring network expansion costs.
Consultants to Telco
Clients with an international presence
can now leverage the Flowroute suite of
cloud-based toll-free and local numbers
to quickly and easily provision telephone
numbers. International clients will also
have access to unlimited scalability on-
company, and the nation’s leading provider
of technology services. The partnership
provides Intelisys Sales Partners access to advanced network solutions from QOS.
As a veteran in the indirect channel space,
The flexible program welcomes partners
demand, as well as the dynamic capacity of
QOS Networks has established its position
of all backgrounds ranging from Salesforce
as an expert in the design, deployment,
the Flowroute network of networks. These
Consultants to Telco Agents. Prodoscore
features allow clients to easily accommodate
an increased volume of calls with no impact
and management of SD-WAN and edge
is a great fit for channel partners in the
network solutions. Intelisys Sales Partners
communications space looking to change
to the quality of service. When working
and ScanSource VARs throughout the U.S.
with the market because it provides additional
From hardware to service, we have
and Europe can now offer QOS’ high-
within the Flowroute Customer Portal,
benefits for their customers to switch from on-
everything you need for VoIP
quality managed network solutions to their
developers are able to scale offerings when
premise to UCaaS. Consultants and SIs already
800-398-8647 |
of our international phone numbers will provide customers with broader coverage in their international markets.”
building on top of an API, or port, and route phone numbers within seconds.
More at n
in the Salesforce and Google ecosystems will
QOS Networks works with mid and
be able to offer a non-competing product that
enterprise customers across the globe
enhances the value of services and solutions
The contribution factor for the
 algorithm paired with Google Cloud Platform’s
Why Join the VoIP Supply Rental Program?
Machine Learning and Natural Language
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third quarter of 2019 is 24.4%,
a 30% increase from the 18.8%
rate in the second quarter of
2019. The contribution factor
defines the percentage of end user
revenue that vendors contribute
to the universal service fund. USF
Processing APIs, from data generated by cloud
applications like CRM and UCaaS platforms.
customers. By partnering with Intelisys, Sales Telecoms Week (ITW) in Atlanta from June
Partners can continue delivering returns on
Partners and their customers now have the opportunity to work with their preferred IT consultant and receive expert solutions through QOS Networks.
Fast & Easy to Apply — One-page application
existing solutions because customers will discover new insights from data already within
Flowroute solution customers will
now have access to a vast selection of inbound local or toll-free numbers at an
eir c
with Intelisys
“Partnering with Intelisys is an exciting international scale. Global enterprises, contributions can be assessed as development for QOS,” said Mike Kalas, VP call centers, developers, communication an additional surcharge directly to of Enterprise Sales, QOS NeIftwyoorkus. a“Wre interestesderivnicejopirnoviindgerst(hCeSPVs)o, iInPcluSduinpgpUlynifiDedaaS RentcaulsPtormoegrrsa. m
recognize the value that Sales Partners bring Communications as a Service (UCaaS),
The flexible program
Wide Variety of VoIP Products (phones, conference phones, PBXs, and more)
Approved Within Days
Let Softel take your enterprise to Skype
Microsoft Skype for Business integration with Active Directory, Unified Communication, Office 365, UCMA Application Development, Legacy Voice Systems, and Contact Center
A kiosk reception solution exclusively from Softel
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