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 June/July 2019
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  additional benefits for cloud vendor partners to integrate with the D&H platform. While D&H is the exclusive partner of ALSO
in North America, ALSO is a globally- recognized provider of digital commerce infrastructures that are currently in place
Yealink and Cebod Telecom Join Hands to Explore Western VoIP Market in United States
in countries throughout the world. Vendors who are onboarded to the D&H platform will already have implemented the necessary integration and investment needed to inSteeprtfaecmebweirt/hOAcLtoSbOersy2s0te1m8s in any of the other countries that this provider serves. It therefore creates an incentive for new vendor partners to integrate with the D&H Cloud Solutions Marketplace, since the investment
Xiamen, China - Yealink, the global
leading provider of enterprise
communication and collaboration
solutions, and Cebod Telecom, the
to explore the western market in the US.
market.” said Fiona Chou, Channel
Manager from Yealink, She continues,
“In such a potential market, which is full
of challenge and competition, a strong
Telecom will be a good choice to explore
“Cebod Telecom is excited to be a
partner of Yealink, and we look forward
to introducing Yealink’s wide portfolio,
solutions to our customer database.
PA r n o n d o o u s n c c o e r s e t
The business cooperation between the
the business in California market.
Our aim is to build a strong partnership
customer’s entire organization. By increasing
workforce productivity, partners are guiding
th D
leading voice communication solutions
Yealink’s advanced UC Solution and the
the behaviors of top performers.
platform can then be leveraged with ALSO systems and partners across the globe.
to US businesses.
strong channel relationship of Cebod
founder of Cebod Telecom.
Partner Program
they are on the front-lines of innovation
exclusive to:
“D&H has a solid reputation as the go-to distribution partner for solution
Telecom as our partner in US California
what the future holds in US California n
Interested partners should visit https://www.
providers servicing the SMB space, and
with an AI solution that addresses multiple customer needs. Machine Learning delivers
l Freeing capital by identifying excessive operational expenditures. n
delivering a high-performance, versatile, and productivity optimization company, has
two companies is to further their shared mission of delivering Yealink industry
Cebod Telecom is a competitive
of their IT investment.
they already provide.
proactive insights for all departments allowing
l Growing user adoption to realize full ROI with Yealink that will address the
Prodoscore partners are differentiated because
their customers to benefits including but not
l Identifying new market opportunities More at and http://
“We are very pleased to have Cebod
Telecom, we are very excited to see
directly requested by their customer base.
partners to deepen relationships within a
new and future needs of the Unified
company with an innovative team. With
l Increasing sales performance by replicating Communications,” says Jai Rangi,
 we’re excited to begin our journey in IRVINE, CA - ProdoscoreTM, the workforce
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    scalable interface for their hosted services announced the Prodoscore Partner Program,
offerings,” said Gustavo Möller-Hergt, CEO giving channel partners, managed service
of ALSO Holding AG (SIX:ALSN). “Our providers, and consultants the ability to
internationally-proven provisioning system bring innovative and actionable AI tools to
delivers a greater range of functionality for a broad range of customers. Partners will
the MSP marketplace, allowing them to receive customizable Go-To-Market and
accommodate more of their own services sales enablement tools, free demo accounts,
and billing tasks through the platform. lead sharing opportunities, and lucrative
Together with D&H, we’ll help drive the commissions. The Prodoscore Partner Program
memarpkoewtpelrascepatortwnaerds tgoreaastseisrtandeowptainond oexf iasting mcuasntoagmeedrsetrovimcepsreocvoencoomrpyotrhartoeupgehrftohrims ance saonpdhcisrteiactaeteadmooredeplr.”oductive workforce while
opDen&iHngraesrelvlernaunedstMreSamP paatrthnerlesacdaing edge of ctohnetgarcotwthineigrAreIp/MresLesnotafttwivaerseastp(a8c0e0.) 340- 100“1Proordvoiscitowrewswta.nddansdohu.tcboemcatuosbeepcaormtneras Dca&nHlecvuersatogme tehre. nvalue proposition to win
new customers and grow revenue from their
existing base, ultimately increasing their total
lifetime value,” said Michael Sterl, CEO of Carve
 Digital and Cloud Optik. “I like that a single
VoIP Supply Announces
solution can help partners expand their services
to the C-suite, sales, marketing, and support
Distribution Partnership
with Fanvil Technologies
PRODOSCORE CREATES COMPLEMENTARY BRUEFVFEANLUOE,SNTYRE-AVMoISPFSOuRppPAlyR,TNNoErtRhS AThmeeprricoad’usclte’saadricnhgitpecrtouvreidmerakoefsViot aIPn inherent scolmutpiloemnse,nhtatosoaffipacritanlelyr’saenxnisotuingctedchanology dpiosrttrfiobluiotiboynapllaowrtinegrtshheimpwtoitphroFvaindveialdditional
services without cannibalizing their staple
Technologies. This arrangement will
product lines. Prodoscore’s technology creates
allow VoIP Supply to offer US-based
Actionable AnalyticsTM using a proprietary
customers Fanvil’s full line of IP voice
algorithm paired with Google Cloud Platform’s
and video terminal products.
Machine Learning and Natural Language
As a distributor of Fanvil IP phones,
Processing APIs, from data generated by cloud
hotel phones, intercoms, door phones,
applications like CRM and UCaaS platforms.
and paging gateways VoIP Supply’s
Partners can continue delivering returns on
customers will have access to a wide
existing solutions because customers will
range of innovative products at
discover new insights from data already within
competitive prices.
their current technology stack.
“Fanvil is a very cost effective solution
that still provides high quality. It is hard
The flexible program
to compare another brand at Fanvil’s
price point that can provide the features
welcomes partners
and dependability that Fanvil offers,”
says Paula Griffo, Managing Director at VoIP Supply. “We have been working
of all backgrounds
together for some time now and Fanvil’s true customer focus aligns well with
ranging from Salesforce
VoIP Supply. We are excited to be able to offer thCis porondsucut linteatonotusr cturorenTteanldco
future partners.”
VoIP Supply recognizes that Fanvil
is a strong player in the VoIP industry as they continue to strengthen their
The flexible program welcomes partners
position by certifying themselves with
of all backgrounds ranging from Salesforce
major telephony systems such as 3CX,
Consultants to Telco Agents. Prodoscore
Bicom, Asterisk, Avaya, Broadsoft,
is a great fit for channel partners in the
Epygi, and Xorcom. In addition, Fanvil
communications space looking to change
has been in the industry for over 16
with the market because it provides additional
years and has established itself with
benefits for their customers to switch from on-
strong engineering and built solid
premise to UCaaS. Consultants and SIs already
relationships with IP communication
in the Salesforce and Google ecosystems will
be able to offer a non-competing product that
More at
enhances the value of services and solutions
and n introducing
Let Softel take your enterprise to Skype
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