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Collaboration: Connecting customers to
partners will be very easy with simple tools
Vendor Evaluation: ‘How’ Matters
for finding the right partner. Collaboration
Telecom Reseller 11 SJust As Much As What Is Delivered
 June/July 2019
within the community will also be kept simple, through the use of social technologies integrated with some of Vonage’s own
 DAVE GEORGE “tPoint Solutions help optimize and connect
It’s also become clear AI and data clouds arranged closer to end devices, earch for famous sayings about laws COLWELL controls. Each of these traits is a leading indicator
 communication bots.
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companies in EMEA. Nexmo APIs have enabled
devices. areas like autonomous vehicle connectivity, cease to inspire respect in proportion as we know Efficiency First® Adoption – process controls mitigate unnecessary business risk.
Next Evolution Networks
Consequently, new data opportunities
healthcare wearables, manufacturing and
us to build Voice Bots into our offerings that
how they are made.” The humor of the quip is
So, understanding how results are delivered enables beyond.
Soon, voice bots may make follow-
and Technologies
have given rise to disruptive technologies
customers to evaluate factors that drive optimal Remember, for any emerging intelligent
are increasing customer satisfaction and
elevated the more I think about it. I love a great My philosophy is that, ultimately, it’s all
like digital twins.
up calls and virtual assistants will
sausage, but don’t really don’t care to understand its about the network. 5G mobile broadband
results. Some managed services vendors go so far The ability to create virtual replicas
results and identify risk factors that hinder results. technologies to support the digital
improving efficiencies for our customers,”
automatically schedule appointments.
pre-grill genesis story.
services are the latest buzz. This high-speed,
as to say their processes are proprietary, to shield of physical assets or systems is altering
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As demand continues to grow for real- underpinning the results significantly influences
When drafting laws and making sausage, there transformation of enterprise, they require
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the mother of invention,” which we alone. Understand how vendors deliver results to
said Andy Griffin, Founder and CEO, tPoint
Moreover, communications platform-
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such as Ultra-HD (4K) streaming, self- focus on the results. In theory, this makes sense.
and other behaviors.
faster and we’re improving the businesses of
time data and low latency, IoT driven edge the quality of outcomes. Understanding the ‘how’
continuously strive to improve upon.
make the most informed decision when evaluating
Some may fear AI/API will replace the
driving car connectivity, and virtual/ Let the vendors excel at what they do and judge
our customers.” Learn more about Nexmo
computing is rising to the top of enterprise sheds light on process maturity, automation and
The success of future enterprise
vendors to satisfy your business requirements. n
human touch, but these technologies are
augmented reality (VR/AR) enhancements. them on the results, not the practices that yield the
Connect at
network architecture. By decentralizing data produced by IoT devices and processing it through multiple smaller
communications is riding on how well we interpret the past and adapt in the present. n
merely part of a new collaborative approach
The sixth generation of mobile technology (6G) is already on the horizon, driven primarily by AI scenarios.
to streamlining business communications
in an omnichannel world.
Vonage (NYSE:VG) is redefining business
Ask the Telecom Pro - October 2018
fees for several things including A
communications. True to our roots as a
technology disruptor, we’ve embraced
Bureau. FEMA administers the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS),
: Carriers may charge administrative
analytics are merging with Internet of communications delays can be reduced and sausage and you’ll find variants of of results. Consider that mature processes yield
 the customer interactions for businesses
that include some of the largest logistics
things (IoT) and its proliferating sensors, dramatically.
this quote attributed to American poet predictable results. Highly automated processes
enabling more data-producing connected Edge computing will significantly benefit John Godfrey Saxe: “Laws, like sausages, by Timothy C. Colwell, SVP reduce human-induced error, and thorough
 Pexip Unveils Expanded Channel Partner Program
technology to transform how companies which is a public safety system connected duplicate records, detail records, and
communicate to create better business with participating wireless carriers. different media types. Charges vary by outcomes. Our unique cloud communications Organizations such as county, city, state carrier and situation.
of embedded, contextual communications : Who is responsible for Wireless IPAWS, and this allows them to broadcast charges prior to entering into a business to Meet Demand for Flexible Video Conferencing
platform brings together a robust unified and federal public safety agencies can A best practice is to understand each
communications solution with the agility
register to be an alerting authority in carriers’ rate card for administrative
  busines es to collaborate more productively
governed by the Federal Emergen y A
supporting WEA.
business relationship is established
s a
e s r
and eng ge their customers more effectively : Wireless Emergency Alerts (WEA are
without negotiated terms, engage your
of Pexip and Videxio programs
call detail records. Is this standard Q
throughout the sales process. Together,
across messaging, chat, social media, video
: My carrier charges to provide
account management team and seek a
and voic . [1] IDC, Worldwide Voice and Management Agency (FEMA) within th Text Me saging Communications Platform- Public Safety and Homeland Security
waiver or reduced ‘good customer’ rate
following merger, gives partners
said Tom-Erik Lia, Chief Commercial
collaboration challenges and show them a
as-a-Se vice Forecast, 2018–2022, IDC #US438 5418, May 2018 n
Officer, Pexip. “We’ve worked hard to create a new partner program that offers financial
better way to work.”
More at n
access to broader product
portfolio, adds new incentives
through access to a full portfolio of video
Access to Pexip’s high-touch sales team and
conferencing solutions and new incentives
go-to-market support
Meetings Platform Available to Ingram Micro’s U.S.
“There is a terrific market opportunity for BlueJeans
to accelerate sales.
l Technical trainings – Regular
as we continue to work alongside the industry’s best
Partners; Industry Channel Vet-eran Joins BlueJeans to
trainings to position partners as trusted
The unified communications market
partners, including Ingram Micro,” said Ruditsky.
Lead Next Phase of Partner Growth
advisors on implementations
value is expected to reach $45.7 billion by
“Enterprise companies in every market segment
MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA - Blue Jeans Network,
2022, according to Gartner. As organizations
l Customer success resources – are fully aware of the impact that meeting and
Inc., creator of the first cloud service to connect
Onboarding and renewal resources to
adapt to emerging digital workplace trends,
collaboration solutions like BlueJeans have on the
desktops, mobile devices and room systems in one
support customers throughout their lifecycle
systems and AV integrators are well-
morale, engagement and bottom line of the business.
video meeting, has an-nounced a U.S. distribution
positioned to take advantage of this growth.
l Full-service partner portal –
There is literally an endless runway for us to grow with
agreement with Ingram Micro Inc., extending the
An easy-to-access platform for trial
By reselling Pexip’s cloud-native video
our part-ner community.”
relation-ship after successfully selling together in
management, support, billing, renewals, and
conferencing platform, partners can increase Asia Ptahciefiirc raencduErrMinEgArefvoernthue paansdt yhealpr. Thcusetdomeael rs will allcoowllabcormatpereohnenansiyvedneveitcweo, rfkromf Ua.nSy. clhoacnantieoln. partneThrs teoybcuainldamlsoeehtienlpg scoulsuttoiomnesrfsoradanapytbtuositnhess for a measnuereadbsletaontdodseacyu’sremiondcreeransewionrpkrfodrcuectbivyity and
ThmoerIengram Micro distribution agreement follows the an“AnVouI-nScPemL iesnthorfilBleludetJoeabnes’arbe-lecetnotloyffexrpoaunrded chacnunsteol mpreorgsramfuflol rsupiatretnoef rvsidtheaot cinocnlufedrenBcluinegJeans in tshoeluirtiuonisfiewditchomPemxiupn,”icsatiidonTsimsolRuiteiokn, sSaVnPd help
enabling simple, reliable meetings on Pexip.
of Services at AVI-SPL. “Pexip’s flexible
customers migrate from legacy conferencing solu-tions
In addition to Pexip’s meeting
deployment model, interoperability
Under the expanded agreement Ingram Micro
to BlueJeans’ modern cloud platform. The program
platform, partners have access to Pexip’s
with Microsoft and Google, and smart
channel partners in Asia and now also in the U.S. have
offers additional benefits and incentives to partners
interoperability solutions to break down
scalability are all valuable solutions for our
access to BlueJeans Meetings, BlueJeans Rooms and
who invest in the skills and certifications required
barriers between video conferencing tools
enterprise clients around the world. With
BlueJeans Events solutions. The meetings platform for
to deliver successful customer outcomes. Since
and enable more seamless collaboration
this expanded program, we are uniquely
the modern workplace eliminates all friction be-tween
the program was instituted, channel partners have
from anywhere. As more companies realize
positioned to meet our customers’ needs.”
employees, partners and customers who work together.
increased pipeline deals with impressive growth among large enterprise, finance and education customers.
the value of video conferencing, they need
“BlueJeans is a cloud-native meetings platform and a
a simple way to connect their video systems
BlueJeans partners, including Dolby Laboratories,
Facebook, Kaptivo, Polycom, Mi-crosoft and
Voicera, help create a unified experience across all
enterprise endpoints inside and outside the office
e 365 nd
natural fit within our growing unified communications
with Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business,
and collaboration portfolio,” said Jeff Yelton, Executive
Google Hangouts Meet, and other meetings.
Di-rector, Ingram Micro. “Demand for intelligent
Pexip can help bring it all together, without
workplaces is building among busi-nesses of all sizes,
an expensive rip-and-replace approach. and we’reThexeciPtedxAtodevxatnetnadgeouproreglraatimongsihviepswith BlueJepanasrtanedrsexa-cpcaenssdtouPreUx.iSp.’spfourltlfoplriodtoucint clude BlueJepano’srtofnolei-otowuicth vfliedxeiob,laeudeioplaonydmwenebt ocopntifoenr-s
while building innovative applications for the work-
Emergency Alerts (WEA) in the WEA messages through participating agreement and negotiate custom Q
APIs through Nexmo, The Vonage API
Platform. This powerful combination enables United States? wireless carriers to user devices terms for administrative charges. If the
PexAdvantage combines the best
“Our channel partners have a tremendous
incentives to drive early and effective sales
opportunity to earn more revenue by reselling cloud video conferencing, and
engagement, and to motivate transparency
we’re committed to helping them succeed,”
we can help solve organizations’ video
on an as-needed basis.
  Blue eans Channel Program Continues to
organization. Most recently, Ruditsky was part of the executive team at Actiance, Inc. where he developed ISVbeanedfiOtsEoMf threlaptirongsrhaimpsiwncitlhudIBe:M and built and launclheDd eaaglorbeagliVstArRatpiorong–raThm ethoapt phoelrpteudniletyad to a sutocceeasrsnfualdsadlietitonKa1l mInavregsitnmoentqMualnifi-aegdement in lateop20p1o7r.tuRnuidtiteskaynwdilmlleaandagaencinutsetronmateironalteamof
 OSLO - Pexip, a leading provider of video conferencing and collaboration solutions,
Grow with Ingram Micro
has announced PexAdvantage— an DisetxprainbdeudptairtonenrpraognradmtNohelpwthe
channel address the growing demand
BlueJeans team members and partners to continue
Corporate Leadership
for flexible collaboration software
l Sales and marketing resources –
the growth and expansion of its channel business and
 to meet organizations’ varied security
remarkably simple with the Blue-Jeans Gatewa
encing solutions.”
for Microsoft Teams providing one-touch mee and native calendar-ing on any room system. I
and architecture needs. These options
partners access to
BlueJeans also announced that channel industry
range from self-hosted to delivered as a
addition, BlueJeans now includes Microsoft O scheduling, which provides one-touch calenda
executive, Barry Ruditsky, joined the company as
Pexip’s full product
service. Through the program’s gold, silver,
SVP, Global Channels. Ruditsky spent nearly 11 years
distribution, and express-level tiers, the
meeting entry from Mac, Win-dows and Outlo
at EMC where he managed indirect sales including
channel can access tools and support that
Access. n
OEM, resellers and channel partners with a global sales
match their business’s unique needs. Key
placTe. hForeMPicreosxoftAcudstovmearsn, mteeatingseare a
program gives
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