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T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   0  5

          V’Hadiyyah Shi’Rayan as a puppy in the USA © de Caprona    After the long flight to Germany © Cora Nürnberger

                                   V’HADIYYAH SHI‘RAYAN

                                               LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT
                                              BY CLAUDIA UHINK, GERMANY

        It all started on July 22, 2011. V’Hadiyyah           And sometimes she is even successful.
        was born at Dominique de Caprona's

        Shi’Rayan kennel. It was already clear to             Sadly, puppy time went by too fast and the
        me from the first pictures: it was going to           seriousness of life started: she entered the
        be the bitch with the orange collar, at the           show ring for the first time. With a few
        time still nameless.                                  exceptions in which her little stubborn
                                                              head counteracted what I wanted her to
        Sometime later, V’Hadiyyah traveled to                do, she got through her tasks in the show
        Germany and she has since enriched our                ring with bravery and self-assurance. What

        family but for the most part my heart. Her            was particularly positive for her was her
        name means “present” and for me she is a              perfect posture and her fabulous side gait.
        very precious one. Haddi, as she is lovably
        named at home, was a wholly                           We therefore had her DWZRV champion
        uncomplicated puppy, from the very                    title relatively quickly as well as several

        beginning she adjusted perfectly well to              BOB, Landessieger titles, and placement in
        the existing pack. We discovered very fast            the BIS ring. Next to this, we also did the
        that there is nothing more important to               coursing license with her and Haddi ran
        her than eating and cuddling. It has                  several coursing events with good success.
        remained this way until now. However,                 Through this, she received the special
        Haddi is also a little stubborn. What she             license (Prädikatskörung) for Beauty and
        decides to do in that blond, pretty head,             Performance breeding, which is mirrored
        she would very much like to get through.              in both her litters.
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