Page 6 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 3 - Final Copy
P. 6

T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   0  6

        Her first litter was born November 3rd
        2013 in the kennel Ksar Ghilane with her
        mate Dagash Ksar Ghilane. Three sons of
        this litter are extremely successful in
        sports. They won among other titles: 2 x
        World Racing winner, 2 x European racing

        winner, 2 x European Coursing winner, 2 x
        German Coursing winner, just to cite the
        most important wins of some 30
        performance title events they were
        involved in. They also cut a good figure in
        the shows.

                                                                    V’Hadiyyah’s first litter, best mummy ever, the “G”
                                                                            litter Ksar Ghilane © Gasparini
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