Page 7 - The Sloughi Review - Issue 3 - Final Copy
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T  H  E     S  L  O  U  G  H  I     R  E  V  I  E  W                                                   0  7

       V’Hadiyyah’s second litter, the “I” litter Ksar Ghilane © Gasparini   V’Hadiyyah with her treasures © Gasparini

        Her second litter was born November 13,               A heartfelt thank you to Dominique de
        2016 with the male Mahal Nazar Schuru-                Caprona and Bernd Fritzsch for entrusting

        esch-Schams. Sadly, only 2 dogs from this             me with this special bitch. Further thanks
        litter are being presented at shows, but              also to the kennel Ksar Ghilane, which
        with success. It shows us though that                 always stood by me in word and deed.
        Haddi, with the appropriate partners, has
        given birth to outstanding performance                V’Hadiyyah Shi’Rayan is by Bensekrane’s

        dogs as well as good show dogs – a real               Saff at Shi’Rayan, out of Amal, bred by
        beauty and performance bitch in fact.                 Dominique Crapon de Caprona, owned by
                                                              Claudia Uhink, Christian Uhink and Cora
        Meanwhile, Haddi is over 7 years old, and I           Nürnberger, Germany.
        am happy that next year I will present her
        in the veteran class.

        However, there is a bit of wistfulness with

        it, because it shows me how fast the years
        have gone by. I hope that my heart dog will
        share her life with me for many more
        years.  I am so proud of my genuine North
        African, who through her 17 kids will leave

        her mark in the Sloughi breeding.
                                                                            What a face © Marcus Arndt
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