Page 12 - Book one - Flipbook
P. 12

“And listen, you can say those words, but you really need to understand that you have to be
               careful and mindful when you are using the magic. Always save the third wish, just in case, and
               never, ever take off the necklace.”
                   “I never have. Not since Gran gave it to me. I never will. Never.” He pulls the necklace with
               the shiny blue pendant out of his pajama top and shows it to Raimy.
                   She kisses him on the forehead. “Good night, Jax. We’ll talk more tomorrow.”
                   “Good night.”
                   After Raimy leaves the room, Jaxon lays back down, stunned by what he just learned.

                   Sleep! No way will I ever be able to sleep again! What’s gonna happen tomorrow? Ah man…
                   But before he knows it, Jaxon is nodding off. It has been a big, fantastic day.
                   Just as he’s falling asleep, he thinks he hears his Gran whisper in his ear, “Sweet dreams,
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